Prepare Ye The Way

Happy Easter (:

And what Lenten season is complete without Godspell playing in the background? On loop? I’ve had the soundtrack for ages, but it was only last year (at the big Astroplus-Podium sale to be exact) when we acquired the DVD. Highly recommended for the soul.

*Oh, Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Seinfeld were also on rotation in our dvd player. Highly recommended for the overworked! hehe

Album cover purses and coasters, keyboard jewelry, Harlequin Romance cover switchplates, a James Bond wallet — these are just some of the fun stuff you can find at Not Without My Handbag. My picks?

*You better love somebody, it’s late.

*Looky, our very own Pilita. Yes it’s really her!

And speaking of pop culture, Fudge mag’s latest issue is already out.

The SHE issue has a feature on “10 Women of Substance” and lo and behold, the powers-that-be at Fudge deemed me worthy of a spot *blush*. Astrud Crisologo, Mari Carandang, and Sari and Kiri Dalena are just a handful of the inspiring women I get to associate myself with. Many, many thanks to Annie Alejo and Anna Gan, hope you gals are reading this.

In the same issue: a write-up on Cecile Zamora* and Mich Dulce’s Store for All Seasons. Yodel, one of the co-owners, told me all about SFAS before it opened a year ago but Arn and I haven’t found ourselves in that neck of woods yet.

We also spied a cameo appearance of Mr. Komikero himself, Gerry A, in Gusgus’ San Pablo adventure. Watch out for his new comic, to be serialized in Fudge starting next issue.

*I frequented Grocery when it was still at Pilar St. (That’s where I got my stash of retro t-shirts back in my retro t-shirt phase). It also helped that a friend, Jenny‘s Kelvin lived right next door and would alert me everytime they held a sale. (:

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Rosy little things.

Our fashion expert Tippi advises: “Trends are like friends — choose them wisely?Ǭ¨?Ǭ®?¢‚Ǩ?°?É‚Äû?¢‚Ǩ¬†& don’t follow them blindly! Create your own style.” Be sure to check out the Notes and News section for fun tips and regular updates.

Maloles makes flats just the way I like them — colorful, round-toed, and unique!

Do check out Sprout cards — notecards with wit, humor, and a touch of, fine, shabby chic.

“Quite chahhming” as Rachel would say.

{Recycled post #4}

This darling site is such a timesuck! Check out the rosy little things available at their online store:

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