Bring on the Turkish Delight

Conceptual art for Narnia, the movie

Have you been waiting as long as I have? Just hang on for a few more months…

There are two featurettes here and here.

Aww, thanks for your loyalty, Monra, Junnie and Heidi. Yay!

{Recycled post #2}

Trust the Japanese to come up with the ultimate OC’s dreamhouse — a house of drawers. Imagine being able to keep clutter hidden from view, and at the same time have a different “look” for your interiors each day. Just push and pull and:

now you’ll see them,

later you won’t.

Galing no, “desk tugs of war” will no longer be figments of Terry Gilliam’s imagination.

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Recycled post #1

I feel bad about losing my recent entries due to the switch, so I’ll be reposting some of them (the interesting ones at least), one a day. That way, even if I have nothing to write about, it won’t seem like I’m deserting this blog’s 3 most-loyal readers (yes it’s down to 3, I think: Shei, Tips, and Arn).

Besides gift tags and ponytail holders, what other things can you do with ribbons? Well, a group of (brilliant!) Japanese designers had other things in mind, take a look.

A lamp, dot hooks, bowls, candlesticks, and more — all entirely fashioned out of ribbon.

Looky! Pretty things to spoil your cat with (although our Abbsy seems quite content with what he has).

Kitty paraphernalia from George SF. Am loving the happy cat bowl-flock o’ birds food mat tandem.

By the way, yes they have stuff for doggies, too.

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