Si Andong Agimat, andito na!


Hope you friends can support my dear hubby‘s new book.

This is my Arn’s take on the Filipino “superhero”. Hope you enjoy it – I read it one sitting and give it 5/5 kittypoints (not just because he’s my hubby mind you, I honestly think it’s his best yet). 😀


Now available at Comic Quest (Megamall, SM City North Edsa) and soon this weekend at National Book Store, Powerbooks, Fully Booked and Filbars.

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Illustration by guess who?

For Shei & Mike, Tin, Pazette and other Singapore-dwellers: The 19th Singapore International Film Festival’06 is happening in April 2006 and they’ve already launched their website, click. The schedules are not available on the site yet but the following films from the Philippines are slated to be screened: Laurice Guillen’s “Magdalena The Unholy Saint”, Dennis Marasigan’s “On the North Diversion Road”, Clodualdo del Mundo’s “Pepot Superstar”, Alfred Aloysius Adlawan’s “Roomboy”, John Torres’ “Todo Todo Teros”, Raya Martins’ short film about the Indio Nacional, plus a series of digital shorts by award-winning directors and screenwriters that include Pamela Miras, Joel Ruiz, Dennis E. Sebastian, Ruelo Lozendo, Sigrid Andrea Bernando and Roxlee.

By the way, if the illustration style looks family, that’s because it’s by my Arn! It’ll be on all the posters and collaterals- many thanks to Monra for hooking him up with the festival organizers. (:
Whew, thank goodness my site is up again, kudos to the ever-reliable team at Affordablehost, my webhome for the past 5 years. In case you didn’t get to check today, this space had a big fat “suspended” sign because I wasn’t able to renew my account in time *sheepish grin*. Why? Because I neglected to inform them of my change of email addy *sheepish grin #2* so I didn’t get the warning messages… So anyway I’m back, hurrah (:

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