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While I occupied myself designing t-shirts and whatnot, Arn was busy creating a card game to accompany his latest book The Mythology Class Special Collected Edition. The game is now available for download (for FREE!) at the Myth Class website so please do give it a try. It’s really fun, trust me, and is very easy to learn even if you haven’t had any experience playing CCGs.

You can also download the rules and decks via the following links:
Adventure Deck, 1.3mb pdf file
Character Deck , 412kb pdf file
Creature Deck , 544kb pdf file
Game Rules, 296kb pdf file

Once you’ve played it, please drop Arn a line. He’ll love to hear what you think. And if you’re going to the Komikon this Saturday, do drop by Arn’s booth and say hi. For sure we’ll be playing it there.

Sigh, our skeds have been unbelievably crazy lately. I’m designing another album for Sony BMG and Marbee and I are currently working on the third issue of WE, set for release in a couple of months. Meanwhile, my Arn since coming back from Korea had already finished a project with Sheila and Mike for their agency in Singapore, and is currently working with the local counterpart of the sameagency on an illustration-heavy project. It’s amazing that we still find time to sleep!

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Make tusok the fishballs

The CafePress bug bit me hard so I made another shop, this time selling fun household items and apparel carrying playful Pinoy food prints like isaw, bibingka, sago’t gulaman and the like. Hope you can check it out. 😀

Do you dig the itchyworms!? (We do!) There’s good news, their much-awaited 2nd album Noontime Show is out. It’s a steal at P250 and is probably the best local rock album Arn and I have listened to in a long time. It still has the itchies’ signature catchy melodies but their music and writing have matured in terms of style and substance. Apart from the early favorites “Buwan” and “Akin Ka Na Lang”, you have to listen closely to the lyrics of “Theme From Noontime Show” (hanggang dito na lang ba ang masa?), “Contestant #1” (kalahok sa kalokohan, kala mo ay panalo ka) and “Soap o Pera” (sa pangongopya lang ba tayo magaling?) and then say “hooray, it’s about time someone said something about the state of local TV programming!” A must-listen-to is “Production Number”, a 12-minute hodgepodge of snippets spoofing the different characters polluting noontime TV — it’s a riot!

UPDATE:Since I posted this entry, I’ve been receiving tons of hits via “Google Search: itchyworms akin ka na lang lyrics”. The correct link is here, peeps.

And as a bonus, here are really retro pics of them (c.1998 I think) from their early gigging days.

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Any takers?

I’ve been wanting to get some work up on CafePress but there was always never enough time. Until now! So if you have friends who are getting married*, you might wanna consider giving them cute and functional casual wear that they can use in pre-wedding activities.

In case you missed it the first time, the link to the shop is here. Again.

*it might be more practical for you if your friend lives in the US, just a friendly reminder.

Hmm, I just realized that the lower half of this page looks odd in IE for both Mac and PC.

Left: how it’s supposed to look like. Safari and Mozilla both get it right;
Right: Apparently, IE shoves the third column (containing the links and, *cough* the Google ads) downwards… I wonder why? Help, CSS experts?

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