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Hear ye! My Arn‘s next book is coming out in a few months. Here’s the teaser:


More details to follow in the next few weeks. Incidentally he’s been updating the news section of his site so stay tuned for updates.

Please feel free to post it on your blogs. 🙂

Has anyone seen the new BPI commercial? A friend sent us a text last night saying that The Mythology Class is in it. We haven’t seen the ad but I know we have director kuya twin Quark to thank for the product placement. 🙂

Cool link of the day: Cooking by Numbers. Just tick the box beside items you have in stock and voila – you’re given a list of meals you can prepare. A boon for the kitchen-impaired (i.e., me).

Yup, since our mag is currently being printed (and my editor and her hubby are away in HK celebrating their wedding anniv – have fun, Marbs!), I’m using this healthy pocket of free time to polish my housewifely skills.

As someone who’s never held a syanse til she turned 31*, my adventures in the kitchen these past couple of years have been nothing short of… educational. Arn will gladly tell you about the time I served him a half-cooked tangigue fillet: the surface had baked to a nice golden brown so I plopped it to a plate, drizzled lemon juice over it and proudly served it to him. It turns out that it still hadn’t thawed completely so the meat inside looked – and tasted – like sashimi. :p


That was two years ago so I think it’s safe to say that I’ve now mastered a few toss together-and-mix recipes by heart. Here are some easy dishes I prepared last week: shrimp and egg salad sandwiches on ciabatta (with wasabi-mayo dressing, naks), oatmeal raisin and/or choco chip cookies (I use Alton Brown‘s The Chewy as base, it’s very basic and the cookies always turn out really good), sloppy joes (Arn’s favorite! It’s really just a chunkier, spiced-up version of bolognese sauce so you can spoon it into buns), and my friend Sheila‘s shrimp and garlic pasta (sauteed in butter, mmm!).

*My mom, a true-blue Pampanguena, is a spectacular cook and she reigned supreme in our kitchen so I didn’t feel compelled to learn til I got married.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet: Wellie welll, I wasn’t even aware that a sequel to this underground phenomenon was in the works. Here’s a link to the trailer for Clerks 2, featuring older — and healthier — versions of our favorite shopkeepers Dante and Randal. (via Carlo)

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Arn’s Mural, Tippi’s launch, etc

If you were in Megamall recently, you might have chanced upon this 6 ft x 4 ft mural of Level-Up’s new game RF Online in the basement, next to Netopia. Uhm, I’m not a gamer so why am I posting it? Because my Arn illustrated it so am being a proud wifey. (: Hope you get to see it before they take it down.


And for us QC dwellers, here’s yet another reason to visit Megamall – particularly the Cinderella boutique. Our dear fashionable friend Tippi‘s designs are now available (along with four other young designers) at a section called Createur ala Mode. If you think what she’s wearing is proof enough that she can make unique, funky and functional clothes, please do swing by and check out the Pret-a-Party and Lounge Lizard lines. More pics from the launch are here.

I recently told Itchyworms‘ Kelvin and Jugs that they should’ve been part of Ultraelectromagneticjam because I think they would’ve done justice to the Eheads’ music (unlike … a few other performers who were, i.m.h.o., kinda miscast in the album), being excellent musicians and most importantly, huge fans themselves. Sayang…
But on a brighter note, it seems that their brave new album has reached the ears of real Noontime Show folk. Read Jim Paredes‘ letter to the ‘Worms. (via Chino’s journal).
Did you read it? If you’ve given up on watching local TV like Arn and I – and apparently the Worms and their audience – have, let’s just hope that they, the showbiz people – or at least the few, true artists in that world – do go back to who they were in the first place (as Mr. Jim wrote himself): “artists with messages to convey and not artistas who are second guessing what the masa wants to hear”. Kudos to the ‘Worms for reminding them (and bravo to their gals too – hi Nix and Jen!)

And last but not the least, before I go back to “all work, no blog” mode, ask yourself this question: Is producing a Filipino version of a foreign trend your idea of creativity? Do you use a “peg?” Read the rest here.
Thank you, Rome, for writing this article. May we all strive to be original in everything we do.

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It’s been an ultraelectromagneticjourney.

Eraserheads fans, there’s reason to rejoice – our favorite band’s music is given new life in the just-released UltraelectromagneticJam– classic Eheads tunes as interpreted by popular bands and artists. That’s not all, Budz, Raimund and Ely themselves are part of the album, but this time separately as producers and guest performers. Even Marcus told us that he’ll be jamming with um, one of the artists (surprise na lang muna) at the launch on Tuesday, coolness! It would be great if they can all perform as one group again, but I guess we have to wait and see if that’ll ever happen. (By the way, we have Jam 88.3 and SonyBMG to thank for this project.)
UPDATE: There are a few pics from the launch on our phlog, here you go.
We’re listening to it right now and these are our personal faves: FrancisM’s Superproxy2K2, Radiocative Sago Project’s Alcohol, Isha’s Torpedo, Sugarfree’s Tikman, Rico J Puno’s Huling El Bimbo, Orange & Lemons’ Huwag Kang Matakot, and Imago’s Spoliarium.

By the way, my Arn did all the band illustrations while I did the overall design and hand-lettering (gulp, yes everything from the album title down to the copyright line was hand-lettered). Hope you like it (;

I told Arn that this album was the perfect project to end 2005 because it’s been 10 years since my first design project for the Eheads. I actually met Budz, Raimund and Marcus in college in 1988 when I would hang out with my good friend Candy – she was their band Curfew‘s vocalist (and now she’s a bank executive and doting mom to two adorable daughters, haha).

I didn’t see them again after we graduated until I bought Ultraelectromagneticpop and realized that the three guys in the pic were “Candy’s former bandmates”. In 1995 I was working as Art Director for Pepsi in O&M and we got the Eheads for the Megadrive promo. We renewed our ties and they asked me to design their fanzine Pillbox.

Everything else followed after that: Fruitcake, Aloha Milkyway, Pillbox2, Natin 99, and Carbon Stereoxide. They tapped me for side projects too – Ely’s Wanted Bedspacer, Raims’ Sandwich’s Grip Stand Throw and 4-Track Mind and Inkjet, Ely’s sis’ Lally’s Fair Tales, and later on Arn did Marcus’ KamonKamon and last year’s best-selling Anthology.

Thru them I got immersed in the music scene where I met really good friends like Marie, Earnest, Quark, Monra and Nev and fabulous bands like the Itchyworms, Fatal Posporos, Sugar Hiccup, and many others. They also got me in touch with one of our most suki and consistent clients to date.

By the way, did I mention that they somehow got Arn and me together? We were introduced by a common friend, Marco, at the Fruitcake book launch in 1997. (;

I’m not sure if they’ll ever have another album again, or if I’ll get to design it too, but I’d like to thank them for touching our lives with their music, and for letting my art touch theirs.

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