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Who are the people in your neighborhood?


Still on proud-wifey mode: my Arn designed and illustrated these Harajuku-style cartoon characters for a McDonald’s Singapore ad campaign promoting seaweed shaker fries and teppanyaki burgers* conceptualized by our good friends Mike and Sheila dela Cuesta of LB Sing late last year. Since it’s been 5 months already, I guess it’s safe to share the tv commercials with you — go click! one and two. Enjoy 😀

*Soundz good! Dear Ronald, won’t you please bring them to Manila too?

Do you sometimes wonder if your physical neighbors are bloggers too? Now that almost everyone in the Philippines has access to the web, it certainly is possible that the person across from you at Sunday mass has a blog you’ve stumbled upon once or twice and you just didn’t know it. Well if everyone signs up at GeoURL, maybe we can find out. Try it, who knows we could be neighbors after all.

By the way, these are the people blogging less than 1 to up to 10km from where I am. Holler if you’re one of them!

On the drawing board: two websites — one for an innovative picture studio run by dear friends, and the other for a talented wedding cake designer; some stuff for MB and of course the next issue of WE.

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I plug, WE plug

This is a week late but if you haven’t seen it yet, please click here to read the Sunday Inquirer Magazine’s feature on my Arn. (:
And wouldn’t you know it, today’s issue of SIM has an article on my cousin’s husband, director Lauren Dyogi. What a coinkydink!

As recently announced, the third issue of our magazine Wedding Essentials is now on newstands, yay!

And because WE loves you, there are two covers to choose from. Yes, again. (:

What’s inside:

inside we3

* Dream Themes – specially-styled themed receptions to take inspiration from whether your wedding is on the beach, a garden, a hotel, restaurant, or in your own backyard.
* In the Name of the Rose – the rose bouquet as interpreted by Manila’s top florists.
* Elements of Style – cake, invitation, shoe, and ring styles to suit your motif.
* Special section on Boracay weddings, receptions, and honeymoon hotspots.
* Beautiful weddings as shared by seven real brides.

Marbee, Charlene, the team, and I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears love into making this issue our best yet so we hope you’ll like it. And as always, I couldn’t have prettified all 240+ pages without the illustration help of my lovely hubby. (:

And finally, this is to help my friend Mia: Where will you be on Valentine’s Day? Hopefully at Raymond Lauchengco: Classic Romance, 7-8:30 at the Rockwell Tent! It’s Raymond’s first comeback concert and is (his loving wife) Mia’s first time to produce. Guests are Menchu Lauchengco and Ayen Laurel. Tickets are P1500 for the show and P2000 with cocktails.

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Funny bunnies

If you have 30 seconds to spare, I suggest that you watch the bunnified blockbuster* films at Angry Alien. Yes, bunnified, as in starred in by bunnies.

Can you tell what movies the bunnies are re-enacting?

If , like me, you don’t have the guts ever plan to to watch The Exorcist or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, at least you’ll get to see them minus the gore here and here.

*okay, some more than others.

Found this via Az’s merry blog:

Anlaki na pala ni Eon.

The Superproxy 2K6 video

Related post: It’s been an Ultraelectromagneticjourney.

Many thanks to the friends who blogged and helped spread the word about my Arn’s upcoming novel! Please point your browsers to his newsblog (or you can always visit me, too) to stay updated.

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