A word about rip-offs.

Frequent visitors know (and may already be tired of) how I’ve always raved about Japanese design, but I’ve been wanting to tell you about Yusuke Nakamura for quite sometime now. I “discovered” him via his eyecatching work on albums and dvds for the Asian Kung Fu Generation. Here’s one of my favorite pieces:

I am hoping against hope that my sharing the art and links will not in any way cause his images to be Emma Mori‘d*.

*read all about The Bayo Incident at Carlo’s journal

While we’re on the subject of RIP-OFFs (and I’m assuming that you’ve read the Bayo link above), take a look at these two sites and tell me which is the original and which is the copycat:

Link ONE
Link TWO

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Nakakahiya, diba?

Why oh why do some people have to resort to copying when there are dozens of talented graphic designers locally whom they can hire who are perfectly capable of providing original, un-sue-able work???

*Thanks to my friend Karla, herself an artist and purveyor of all things original, for the heads up.

Know of any other sites that were copied? You can sound off at Pirated Sites Dot Com.

And because more and more artworks are being swiped, copied, and passed off as someone else’s, our graphic design org decided to organize a seminar on Copyright and IP Laws for Creatives last week. It’s also nice to know that global network Creative Commons is working with the e-Law Center of the Arellano University School of Law on porting the license to the Philippines. Here’s hoping that more and more self-employed artists will be armed with the knowledge to protect themselves from copyright and intellectual property theft.

By the way…

Err… yes, hehe (nervous laughter). Arn did the illustrations, I did the layouts. But hello, we can proudly say that it was 100% built from scratch.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

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The end of an era.

My StarWars-uber-fan-boy-hubby and I saw the special advanced screening of Return of the Sith last night and *sigh* I couldn’t help tearing when the credits started scrolling. Not only does the movie mark Anakin’s coming-of-rage, it also put an end to the saga my generation grew up with. Our good pal Carlo captures the emotion best:
Today is the day I shall finally see the end of a 33 year old saga. There will be no more Star Wars movies to look forward to after this. What do I do the day after Star Wars ends? Grow up?

I guess for those of us who don’t want to, there’s still this and this to look forward to.

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Alma Matters

Ooh, it seems that a new UP song is in order, set to music by no less than Ryan Cayabyab himself.
(via my UPIS ’88 egroup)

Arn and I have had the privilege of working with Mr. C for some of his albums and we, just like every other person in our generation I guess, hold him in high regard not just for his talent but also for his kind-heartedness. It makes me proud that he is as true-maroon as I am, having studied in our State U all my life.

Work on the magazine (and other side projects) are keeping me away from the net but I hope to be able to fill up this space with interesting stuff soon. In the meantime, you can always check on us via the phlog.

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We have 2 weeks-full of shoots for our wedding mag. If you wanna take a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes action, click here.

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A week’s worth of words.

Top 7 excuses reasons I wasn’t able to blog at all last week.
1. Attended Marco‘s KIA Creators Meet and Greet and caught up with old friends Vinnie, Cams, Dean, Nikki, Elbert, and Gerry. That was a lot of fun, Dimaans, launch a book more often hehe!

2. Went to Kamuning tela-heaven to buy props for our upcoming shoots. Fabulous finds include white sequinned-fabric for P180/yard, furry cloth in silver for P300/yard each, and somekinduva lace material for P350/yard.

3. Worked on photographer Adelina Leung’s beta site.

4. Uploaded pics of Tippi’s 2005 Pret-a-Party Collection that was launched at Fashion Week.

5. Traversed the metro with the WE team to art direct a fashion shoot.

6. Took a break in Brookside to spend time with Arn’s parents and siblings.

7. Helped Arn entertain our houseguest-for-the-day Sam.

To be honest, the week’s silence was also out of respect for the passing of Karol Joseph Wojtyla. May his soul have a safe journey. ?¢‚Ǩ?°?É‚Äû?ɬ??¢ÀÜ?°?É‚Äò?¢‚Ǩ?°?É‚Äû?¢‚Ǩ¬†

By the way, I was hanging out at Marbee’s desk the other day when sir Oliver stopped by and showed me this online society column, goodness gracious! I heard from another friend that we also made it to KLM’s inflight magazine, how bizarre.

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