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“Building Stories” (or what a building might think if it can).

Chris Ware fans (me included, natch) will be happy to know that he has an ongoing downloadable strip at the NYtimes Funny Pages.

I would love to own everything they sell at Pixel Girl Shop. Check out these goodies:

Origami patchwork wristlet, patterned belts, sushi necklace and bracelet set.

There’s more where these came from.

For most of my career life, Ad Congress season would mean sleepless nights and extra-long working days spent toiling over work to be entered in the prestigious Araw Awards. This year though, it seems that I will have a feel of how it is to be on the other side, so to speak, as I’ve been invited to be one of the judges* for the Design competition — something I’m quite thrilled about because (a) I’m very interested to see what the corporate design world is up to and (b) I would certainly love to catch up with former colleagues again — I guess it’s like coming home.

*My first time for the PAC. The only other professional competition I’ve judged for was the PWA (2x), the rest are various UP and Ateneo student org art/design contests. Like I told Shei, I’m flattered although it kinda makes me feel… old, eheh (nervous laughter).

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Geniuses all.

My Arn arrived late last night from a 5-day trip to Korea where he attended the 7th World Comic Artists Convention along with a hundred-plus comic and cartoon artists from all over the world. We’ll be posting pics in the phlog soon.


Screenshots from the “Gardens of Eve” series. Beautiful!
Have you been to Grafikas lately? Graphic designer Drew Europeo is just brimming with ingenuity. I can spend all day looking at the breathtaking images — go see for yourself!

I’m often quite happy in jeans and a bright t-shirt but if I have to wear a fancy top or a dress, it just has to be by my friend Tippi — she’s made me the most adorable pieces of clothing ever. If you’re not into made-to-order though, the good news is that some of her creations are available off-the-rack as well.

Some of my favorites from the Lounge Lizard and Pret-a-Party Holiday 2005 Collection.
You may check them out here:
* Lounge Lizard is available at SOUK, Crescent Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas & Estrella St. cor Zodiac St, Bel-Air, Makati
* Pret-a-party is available at SOLEA, Lifestyle section, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell

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