New art prints + see you at the BGC Art Mart + The Diff

Today I finally got around to populating my online store with my latest art prints (yay!)

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(Some of the items in the photo above like the bookmarks and Pampanga parol gift tags will only be available for now at the BGC Art Mart on my second weekend this Sunday, December 6. And as always you can avail of them at special bazaar rates at the event. ūüėČ )

This new set of watercolor artworks are quite significant to me because through them, I got to relive and pay tribute to some of my favorite works of art (and people). The first two are homages to Philippine indie films “Ang Nawawala” by Marie Jamora and “Rakenrol” by Quark Henares. I’ve been a big sis to filmmakers Marie and Quark for about 18 years now (I met them when they were still in school!) and it makes me proud to witness all that they’ve achieved. Of course it was a no-brainer for me to select scenes from their films to draw for my first couple of tribute paintings.

ang nawawala by cynthia bauzon arre
“Ang Nawawala”
rakenrol by cynthia bauzon arre

The next set are tributes to some of my favorite music by the Eraserheads, namely “Ligaya” and “Ang Huling El Bimbo.” I just had to set “Ligaya” in the UP Sunken Garden since that was a big part of my U.P. life. And incidentally, it was in UP Diliman where I first met the band members before they were even known as the Eheads.

ligaya by cynthia bauzon arre
ang huling el bimbo by cynthia bauzon arre
“Ang Huling El Bimbo”

Making the last painting in this series was perhaps the most nostalgic for me because it was a re-imagination of “Lightyears” (from the album and storybook “Fruitcake”) which I illustrated in 1996. It was like seeing the same scene, now in color, through older, more experienced eyes. ūüėÄ

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Lightyears 2015
In the new version, I imagined an older Frannie Wei back in the real world. She could be married and has kids by now but every Christmas eve she would still climb up on the rooftop and reminisce about her childhood adventures in the land of Fruitcake . Also, that may or may not be Shadow behind her anymore… but who knows?

All prints are available at my online store and directly through me at my pop-ups. ūüôā

Endless thanks to Marie Jamora, Quark Henares, Ely Buendia, Raymund Marasigan. Buddy Zabala, and Marcus Adoro for allowing me to create tribute art and sell them as limited edition pieces.. <3

Also! If you’ve been following on Instagram (or if we’re Facebook pals) you probably remember my “Literary Creatures Quotes” series. All of them are now available as postcards prints and on iPhone and Samsung phone cases courtesy of The Diff. ūüôā

cynthia bauzon arre the diff

The phone cases feature hip animals reading books accompanied by quotes from Leo Tolstoy, Dr. Seuss, and L. Frank Baum. They’d be perfect Christmas gifts for your book-loving loved ones, yes? There;s also a bonus sleeping orange kitty doodle design on one of the phones. Shop my collection right here and also check out the awesome designs by other local artists!

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My Shrink Plastic Workshop, Our Adult Coloring Books, and Holiday Bazaar Schedules

Hi guys! First of all, a quick reminder that my Shrink Plastic Crafting Workshop is happening this Saturday, November 21, from 1-4pm at Hey Kessy in Katipunan .Please head to this link to view the details and/or sign up for a slot. The fee already includes basic materials and snacks but participants can get extra shrink plastic sheets from me at a discount.

Below is¬†an example of what you can learn to make. among so many other fun things, with shrink film. ūüôā

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And if you’re wondering about the doodles in the background of my shrinkydink “sampayan” collar pin, those are some of the illustrations you will find in my coloring book FLUTTERBY.¬†¬†ūüėÄ
arnold arre cynthia bauzon arre coloring books

Thanks to Chamber Shell Publishing, Arnold and I both have our own adult coloring books.

LOCAL COLOR – A Philippine Fantasy Coloring Book features (as the subtitle says) Arn’s¬†Filipino¬†fantasy themed illustrations that depict both modern and classic facets of our mythology. Think diwatas, aswangs, people¬†from a techno-future and what-have-you. ¬†ūüôā ¬†It has 30 of his original drawings contained in 64 9″ x 12″ pages, perforated so you can tear out and frame your finished colored work!¬†SRP is PHP 295.00

A few more preview images¬†from Arnold Arre’s LOCAL COLOR —

Local Color Filipino Fantasy Coloring Book by Arnold Arre

FLUTTERBY РA Daydreamy Coloring Book has my doodles of girls in dreamy, breezy scenarios that typically involve flowers, leaves, and, on occasion, birds, butterflies, and cute furry creatures. There are 20 original hand-drawn pen and ink drawings in 44 pages, also perforated. SRP is P150.00.

A few more preview images from FLUTTERBY —

Flutterby Coloring Book by Cynthia Arre

The covers for both books aren’t glossy on purpose so you can color them too if you want! They will be in bookstores soon but you can also order directly from the publisher at for stress-free delivery¬†to your doorstep! Bulk and overseas shipping are available as options. ūüėÄ

UPDATE: Limited quantities of Flutterby are now available at my online shop!

I will also be bringing a few of my books to the holiday bazaars which I’ll be participating in soon. So far, here is my schedule.

November 28 (Saturday) – BGC Art Mart
December 6 (Sunday) – BGC Art Mart
(unconfirmed date) – Steady Sunday Bazaaro

It might get even quieter here on the blog as I prepare for the art fairs but¬†you can always¬†check my Instagram for (a bit more) regular updates. ūüėÄ

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Shrink Plastic Workshop at Hey Kessy + Callalily’s 10th Anniversary Album

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I’m teaching my first ever workshop and it will be on Shrink Plastic Crafting! If you’d like to learn how to turn your doodles into wearable art in the form of necklace pendants, bracelet charms, pins, and earrings, I will show you how to do it and share some techniques and tricks I’ve learned along the way. It will be on November 21, Saturday, from 1-4pm at Hey Kessy (31 E. Abada, Katipunan).

The workshop fee already includes shrink plastic sheets and all other materials, design templates, a take-home zine, snacks and refreshments. (Additional shrink plastic sheets can be purchased from me at a discounted rate if you‚Äôre a participant. ūüôā )

See you there? Please go to to reserve your slot!



Callalily’s 5th album “Greetings from Callalily” was released last Friday, October 23, and I’m very happy to have been part of it! It’s been a while since I’ve designed a full-blown album because almost everyone prefers buying MP3s, right? But then this is Callalily — I heard that their albums’ sales can hit Platinum — so I wanted to design something that a fan would love to have in his/her possession. I’m happy with the end result and I can’t wait to share it with you. Please see the portfolio to see what we came up with. ūüôā

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Arnold Arre’s “Halina Filipina” graphic novel + “The Mythology Class” movie adaptation

My husband Arnold released a new¬†graphic novel called “Halina Filipina” last weekend at the Komiket,¬†his first¬†one since¬†“Martial Law Babies” in 2008, and I for one am glad that he’s back¬†making comics again — which is actually what he was doing¬†—¬†and what he was quite known for¬†—¬†when we first met.<3

It’s not like¬†he was idle for the past 7 years though — he directed, animated¬†and won awards for short¬†films such as “Milkyboy,” “Lakas ng Lahi,” (among many others)¬†and¬†a music video for our own National Anthem “Lupang Hinirang.” ūüôā

That’s my hot-off-the-press copy of “Halina Filipina” when our copies arrived from Nautilus Comics last Thursday, a couple of days before the launch. Look at how¬†our kitty was excited to read it as well! You can see the synopsis here, but I’d also like to share with you a few in-the-making¬†notes. (He also wrote about this at length in the afterword.)

Arnold wrote Halina way back in 2002 when we weren’t even married yet. It’s first incarnation was of a simple love story with a bit of social¬†commentary here and there but he¬†decided not to release it because he didn’t want to follow up his¬†previous novel “After Eden”¬†with another romance book. He¬†ended up releasing¬†the Pinoy fantasy and action-filled “Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat” instead. Thus¬†the Halina pages were kept in storage for many years.

Sometime in Jan or Feb of this year, we chanced upon the pages while organizing our files. We pored over them together and I asked him if¬†maybe he give it another chance?¬†At first,¬†Arnold considered turning it into an animated short. We even talked to¬†our favorite voice actors but somewhere along the way, Arn decided to re-write and re-draw some of the pages — actually most of them. He worked on¬†the story¬†for the next couple of months, and¬†once it was done, he finally let me read it.

I liked it before, but I loved the new and improved “Halina Filipina”¬†written and drawn by the 2015 Arnold even more. It’s not the same simple love story I read 13 years ago, it goes much deeper. Through the characters Halina and Cris and subtle details in the background scenery, Arnold inserts¬†personal statements about¬†social¬†class differences,¬†Philippine¬†mainstream media’s stranglehold¬†over the¬†viewing masses, and other inevitable developing-nation issues (*cough* traffic *cough*). Of course not to be missed is the ultimate message about finding one’s identity¬†through appreciating one’s¬†roots, flaws and all. And when¬†you read it again and again, the¬†subtext becomes even more apparent. That’s how much thought Arnold weaves into his works¬†— he truly¬†makes them a complete reading experience. I¬†won’t¬†go all spoiler-y on¬†you¬†but¬†my only wish is¬†that¬†you will¬†love¬†and appreciate the brains and heart he put into it¬†as much as I do. ūüôā

Meanwhile, below are some photos from the launch. Inquirer also wrote about it along with a short interview with Arnold here.

Halina Filipina Komiket launch

Thank you to everyone who joined us that day and endless thanks to Jamie & Iyay Bautista of Nautilus Comics for publishing and making it possible for all of you to read it. It’s not in bookstores yet (as of this writing) but you can order online through .


Jerrold Tarog Arnold Arre The Mythology Class

A quick cartoon sketch Arnold posted on FB¬†to confirm¬†the rumors that were going around…

And since I’m devoting this entire post to my husband, I might as well write a bit¬†about “The Mythology Class” movie project with the hugely successful director & producer tandem of Jerrold Tarog and Artikulo Uno. Not¬†to preempt anything but since Mr. Ed Rocha already gave¬†a¬†statement that they’re developing an adaptation of Arnold’s¬†graphic novel, and more recently Jerrold gave this slightly more detailed interview about the project, then I suppose I can tell you that yes Arnold had a couple of¬†meetings¬†with the¬†producers¬†early this year,¬†and¬†we are both thrilled that Jerrold — whose work Arnold has always admired and raved¬†about for years (go ask our friends!)¬†—¬†way before he even started making “Heneral Luna,” — is¬†on top¬†of this project.¬†However it’s still very early¬†to say anything more so for now, let’s just cross our fingers¬†that things¬†will go well. If you haven’t read the book yet,¬†please do check it out. (It’s in bookstores but you can also order “The Mythology Class”¬†online¬†via¬†¬†) . ¬†ūüôā

Also thought you might be interested in watching Arnold’s talk at TEDxDiliman in October of this year. ūüôā

From TEDxDiliman: In this talk, Arnold Arre shares his personal journey to develop his art, and reveals how comic books can both reflect and serve as a tool to promote Philippine culture.

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Palette Palate: The first Maginhawa StrEat Food Park Art Fair

I had the privilege of taking part¬†in Maginhawa StrEat Food Park‘s first ever art fair titled Palette Palate¬†from¬†August 1-2, 2015, thanks to the awesome Ella Lama¬†who organized the event. ¬†The fair consisted of an exhibit + pop-up shops by some of the participating artists, myself included. Here are the three artworks I displayed (on the counter, last three from the right). They might look familiar because I posted work-in-progress videos and/or just-finished shots¬†of these on Instagram. ūüėČ


Setting up in the background are Ella (left) and Cheska of StrEat. On the wall from l-r are works by Megan Dino, June Digan, Mary Grace Vinas, and Andrea dela Cruz. This is actually a photo from day 2 because we got rained in on the first day and had to set up at 6 pm, 2 hours later than planned.

maginhawa streat food park art fair

Our pack-up-and-go pop-up shops on the first day. From l-r: works for sale by yours truly, Ella Lama, and Megan Dino.

Handy outdoor¬†craft¬†fair tip (especially helpful¬†during the rainy season)¬†— if your items will fit,¬†you can use¬†a craft toolbox (or any other box with a lid) as a “portable shop”. It allows you to arrange and label stuff¬†and you can quickly close it¬†—¬†and protect the contents!¬†—¬†whenever¬†necessary. ūüôā

Another learning: have faith in your customers. Given the weather conditions, we initially thought that only a few people would come. To our pleasant surprise a lot showed up, talked to us and bought our stuff. <3 <3 <3 (If you were among those I talked to, THANK YOU! I loved meeting you and was happy to finally see the face behind the familiar Instagram handle. :D)

We were so busy that¬†before we knew it, it was already 10 pm and we hadn’t even eaten. ūüėÄ Thankfully, StrEat is open til 2am so there was plenty of time to grab¬†food once the art buying crowd thinned out.

A photo posted by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre (@arncyn) on

Class picture from day 1 plus a few other snaps of our works in the exhibit. August 2 — Very grateful for¬†much nicer weather on the second day¬†since we were able to set up at 4pm as planned and I also got to take better-lit photos. Some¬†more artworks on display. maginhawa streat art fair Works by Yang Barrios, Alexandra Paredes, Hands Love Papers, Geli Balcruz, and Karen Versoza. More artists¬†were also able to set up shop besides Megan and myself. (Below¬†photo)¬†top left:¬†rubber¬†stamps and cards¬†by Alex Paredes’ Rubber Ducky Stamp Co; bottom left:¬†prints by Karen Versoza and June Digan. earnest and buddy zabala maginhawa streat food park art fair My good friends Earnest and Buddy Zabala dropped by¬†and gamely posed for pics and even helped me sell (woohoo! I love these guys.¬†<3 ) Here they are with my little blue toolbox (looking a bit¬†more organized this time). The evening was a bit more relaxed and I got to bond more with my new friends. These girls are so creative and inspiring! Of course I couldn’t go home without buying some of their beautiful creations:¬†

A photo posted by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre (@arncyn) on

You can check out the above photo on IG to see their feeds. Included in my loot from Ella, Megan, Alex, Karen, and June are the “Light” book (which was a gift from Rob Cham!), two art cards featuring Paola Jane Esteron‘s calligraphy & watercolor work (also gifts!), and free brush calligraphy of Arn’s and my names by Sarah Francesca of Creative Curiosities. ūüėÄ

Finally, an almost-complete class picture which I nicked from Megan’s Facebook album ;

maginhawa streat foodpark art fair

I’m joining another art fair soon! Please stay tuned for more details. Meanwhile you can always check out my feed to see what I’m currently up to. ūüėČ

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