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Have you all seen Elbert‘s versions of the Myth Class characters? They’re dooper cute — check out Little Miss Tala below. (:

Click here for more and remember, it’s best viewed with eyes wide open.

Visit the Myth Class site too where you’ll see art by Arn and our fabulous artist friends Marco Dimaano, Robert Magnuson, Edgar Tadeo, Dino Ignacio, Rex and Joyce of Inksurge, Taga-Ilog, Sam Alapan, and Igor Simplicano.

See you all tomorrow at the launch! Again it’s at 6pm at Fully Booked in Rockwell. By the way, a little birdy told us that the book will be sold at a discounted price tomorrow, P470 instead of the regular price which is P595, so do grab this opportunity folks.

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Mabuhay from Manila!

Highlights of our US trip, in no particular order:
(click on the links to see corresponding images from our album)

* Bringing Arn to every single memorable spot I went to during my NY sojourn 7 years ago.
* Seeing and bonding with our titos, titas and cousins in NY and San Diego.
* Watching Avenue Q, Lennon the Musical, and I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change (take 2 for me!) on Broadway.
* For Arn, seeing the actual props and costumes used in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Bladerunner at the Museum of the Moving Image.
* Stimulating our brains with extra-sensory imagery at PS1-MoMA in Queens.
* Chowing down Gray’s Papaya dogs almost every other day with Arn (and once with Marbs!) in Manhattan.
* Spotting a mint-condition Gemma Bovery hardcover at Strand (and thus, paying only half its retail price).
* Visiting the new architecturally-brilliant MoMA building.
* Experiencing Niagara Falls up close.
* Seeing a Shakespeare play for free, al fresco.
* Having what Sally ate with Harry.
* Tilting our heads to get a good look at President Abe.
* Getting goosebumps upon seeing the first airplane in history at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.
* Finally having a starstruck moment… sort of.

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