Finally I can show you some stuff my Arn has been working on these past few weeks.

SonyBMG 2-in-1 Series

These four albums from SonyBMG are just the first batch of a series of 2-in-1 cds that feature the music of 90s bands like Yano, Sugar Hiccup, Sandwich and Color it Red. Don’t mistake them for greatest hits collections though – they’re actually a repackaging of two original albums per artist1 that came out in the last decade. So buying one cd will actually give you two albums for the price of one2, neat-o!

When we first learned that it was gonna be a series, we decided to lay it out similarly to the Eraserheads Anthology album so that they can be sold all together as a box set in the future. So now the challenge for Arn was how to make them all look similar yet different – like in Anthology, each illustration should also convey each band’s style and personality.

Arn did a pretty swell job, don’t you think? The illustrations are fab3 and he just kept amazing me everytime he whipped out a new drawing.

The cds go for P285 each, and please stay tuned because there are six more coming.


As for me I’m still busy with the upcoming issues4 of WE but I’ll try to squeeze in a blog entry here and there as much as I can 😉

Again, don’t forget to visit Blow-Up Babies at the Gateway Mall! And because we’re talking about 90s bands this week, here’s a bit of trivia:

Veda and Atari

These two pretty little girls are the daughters of two members of a now-defunct but still very popular 90s band5. Can you guess what band it is and which members they are?

Photos courtesy of Blow-up Babies!

  1. I had just told some friends that it seems so cosmic that Arn is doing the repackaging of some of the albums I originally designed – for instance, the 2-in-1 Sandwich album contains “Grip Stand Throw” and “4-Track Mind“, both of which I did the original inlays for.[ back]
  2. and buying 4 will get you 8![ back]
  3. I wish I could post larger images but piracy, music and design-wise, has become quite rampant lately.[ back]
  4. Yes, issues, in plural form, you read that right. Please wait and see.[ back]
  5. Super obvious clue: Their rockstar daddies are bandmates in “Cambio”[ back]