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May 07:
We caved and phlogged.

A good friend, fashion designer Tippi Ocampo has a very inspiring article out on YoungStar today. Read about how making the most unexpected choice can somehow lead you exactly where you want to be:

...I was nearly 29 and was where I thought I wanted to be in my career, but suddenly I wanted out. I panicked, suddenly realizing that when I took my eyes off the straight road ahead, that there was a whole world outside my window passing me by, and that if I didnít stop to explore now, Iíd most likely never find my way back.

[If you wanna see Tippi's designs, go here.]

*But of course she designed my wedding gown.

If you haven't noticed yet, I gave up my unfunctioning Fotolog for a brand new Phlog. Na-inspire kasi kami ni Carlo eh.

Who is Carlo? He's: a friend we've known since our UP Fine Arts days; a colleague in the graphic design field; the person to ask about Macs and gadgets; a friend of my cousin Ging pala, as I learned at our wedding; and an ex-bf of one of my good friends (hehe). Visit his blog to find out more.


ano nga ba? *curious*

Posted by kai
Jun 12 | 12:57 PM

Ano yang ex ex business
na yan? heeheehee

Posted by Carlo
May 09 | 01:15 PM