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December 12:
Deanna's demise + cutting the umbilical cord

Very very sad news... a former classmate died in a car accident last Sunday. We were classmates from grades 3-6 and then again for a couple of years in high school so although we we were never close, it took me a while to accept that she's not in this world anymore. In fact I saw her late last year -- she was going up the escalators at The Podium as Arn and I were going down. She recognized me, smiled and waved and I did the same. That was it. I remember thinking how strange it was to see a childhood friend all grown up. She's in a better place now but I still think it was such an awful way to pass on...

My classmate's unfortunate fate plus that certain superstition about altar-bound couples being accident-prone has made our families extra nervous about us going out especially at night.

Actually I don't mind staying home since these will be the last two weeks I'll be spending in my room in my family's house, with my family *..sniff*.

Speaking of my room, it's not far from looking like a warehouse now. Boxes of wedding paraphernalia, baskets of favors, some of my packed stuff, and early wedding presents are scattered all over the place. I can't even work on my desk anymore. Still, I will miss you, room.

room (16k image)

The big rectangular box in the middle contains my gown which I refuse to wear 'til wedding day* (and that means I can't feast on noche buena bibingka like always or risk looking like suman).

*that's another Filipino wedding superstition, non-Pinoy folks.