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October 15:

A couple of site plugs are in order:

Berger's newly-redesigned portfolio.
Halina's newly-transferred website.

After briefing all my clients that I can't accept new job orders since I have to finish all pending stuff by mid-November, I caved and said yes to our suki recording company client when they called last weekend, sigh. Masochist, I am.

Note: Money talks louder when you're getting married, yes.


super small world!!! you did my friend maria aguila's website!!!

good luck in the wedding preparations... and enjoy it!!!

Posted by din
Oct 22 | 10:00 AM

Hi J! Oo nga, good
luck to us! You
guys have been so
productive this
year too,
Anyway we'll see
you at the next
Liga meeting! (:
(Btw, oo nga eh
and weird
ano????! Ngayon
ko lang rin nakita.)

Posted by Cynthia
Oct 20 | 11:42 AM

like whoa... weird nung post bago ko ah. anyway, i can relate to your november projects cut-off, hehe. been wanting a full december vacation break myself.

i'm sure next year mas busy pa kayo. grabe haba nitong taon, pero ambilis din. lapit na ng big day niyo ah :) see you guys next week.

Posted by J
Oct 18 | 10:18 AM

you can't get married when you know there may be someone else


Posted by q
Oct 18 | 01:35 AM

Halins, dear! (: It's
always my
pleasure! Naman
ano? (: See you
guys soon!

Posted by Cynthia
Oct 16 | 07:58 AM

Thanks for the plug ha! You've always been so nice to me and j. nakakatouch... Thanks cynthia! Regards to you and Arn. :)

Posted by halina
Oct 16 | 07:32 AM