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October 09:
Songs pa rin.

In response to my last entry, our pal Carlo pointed me to this hilarious discussion of top 5 tracks you wouldn't dare put in your iPod. *sob* I don't have an iPod but still here's mine...

- I've Been to Paradise (haha, Carlo!)
- Wooden Heart
- My Heart Will Go On
- And I Will Always Love You
- Ikaw Pa Rin by Ted Ito (remember?)

Care to share yours?

Note: Oy pero hurt ako dun sa My Cherie Amour ha... I like that song, specifically the Karl Roy / P.O.T. live version circa 1998

I finally got the girls of my entourage (minus one because Shei was abroad, as usual) together for a measurement-taking lunch this week. It's funny how girls can bond so quickly -- some of them only met that day but at the end of our lunch, they all seemed like good friends already! How cool!

On a more solemn note, please pray for the soul of our friend Ninoy's brother RJ...



i have ted ito in my
ipod! hehe!

i have to see you
soon so you can
sign the lyrics sheet
of sexbomb
girls...round 2.
nakapirma na silang
lahat, ikaw na lang
ang kulang.

get get aww!!!

Posted by hipaolo
Nov 11 | 06:23 AM

i love your website! ... and your talent! its so refreshing!

Posted by owee
Nov 07 | 10:42 AM

cyn hi! it's embarassing but I can sing to you "I've Been To Paradise" word for word with the correct inflections pa! I also know the coda by heart: "Hey, you know what paradise is? it's a lie, a fantasy created by people for things as they'd like them to be..." oh never mind

Posted by Neva
Nov 04 | 12:39 PM

Denden!!! What a
surprise! Where ar
e you based na
ba? Hope you can
come home in
December, we'd
love to have u at
the wedding!

Shei!!! We missed
you at the lunch.
Ikaw kasi, di na
maabot (: Psst,
bday ni Tippi on
Friday! We'll see
you soon ok?

Yo!!! Naku, I wish
-- mauubos na
ang funds eh... but
let's see next year
ok? (:

Hi Junnie! Naku,
you said it. Now pa
lang am having a
hard time staying
away from the
regular food trips.

Posted by Cyn
Oct 13 | 11:35 PM

Hi Cynch, I was surfing the web when I saw your site, cool! I really liked the way you did it, it is just so inviting. Anyways, congratulations on your wedding do tell Arnold that I wish him the best too. See you around OK...ltr.

Posted by Dennis Lim
Oct 13 | 12:15 PM

my list of songs
not to put in an
ipod that i dont
my heart will go on
di ko kaya (by
richard reynoso)
sayang na sayang
(by manilyn
one way ticket
and my alltime
dayang (or
whatever that
music was that the
o&m studio boys
kept playing over
and over and

Posted by Sheila
Oct 13 | 10:35 AM

hi cynch!
sorry wasnt able to
join the girls'
lunch. twas a last
minute trip for the
office. :-( i missed
all the bonding,

Posted by Sheila
Oct 13 | 10:23 AM

Have you decided
yet where your
honeymoon will


Posted by N:)
Oct 12 | 01:34 AM

hmmm..make sure to whisper to your lady friends not to be too chummy with the Christmas foodies this season or else you might have to have last minute adjustments you dont want to do...or..they can get a dress made for your Ninangs.

Posted by Junnie
Oct 11 | 02:43 AM