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October 22:
A week's worth of entries coming up!

The past 4 weeks, Ninoy, Oda and I have been presenting the same project over and over to little avail -- "Make the logo bigger". One week later: "It's too big now"; "Add graphics here". One week later: "Take out the graphics". That plus my world has to stop every Wednesday just so I can go to Makati* and listen to these people find something new to add and subtract each time.

Project's status as of this writing? "It's getting there." (Gosh, where exactly is "there"? The moon?)

Thank goodness for Nin and Oda's wonderful company or else I would've gone completely bananas.

*I live in Quezon City and I'm telling you the drive ain't quick.

Speaking of bananas, my current favorite dessert is a refreshing tub of Banana-Vanilla Ice Monster. Sweet Arn treats me to one everytime he knows I need to cool my head -- and I usually do every Wednesday. It's not as fatty as regular ice cream -- it's mostly very finely shaved ice and fruit -- so I know I'm safe. (: Next on my to-try list: Apple Cinammon and/or the always unavailable Strawberries and Cream.

Remember the cd design project I mentioned last time? Well, in direct contrast to the abovementioned project, that one came and went like a cool breeze -- the album's coming out on Friday, yahoo!

One good thing that's coming out of those weekly Makati meetings is that we get to go around Greenbelt and see friends we hardly see anymore. Last week we saw and hung out a little with Quark and Lia, yesterday we saw and chatted briefly with Ramon and Neva. And that's not counting the many advertising industry colleagues we bump into each time. O ayan, in person na, di lang sa Friendster. (:

Wedding-related tasks we accomplished over the weekend:

a canonical interview
a pre-marriage counselling
a submission of wedding banns to our respective parishes
a Arn's 3rd fitting
a finalization of misalette

We didn't know what to expect at the interview but surprisingly it was quick and painless. The priest merely asked questions that affirmed our love and readiness to accept one another into our lives, but the one that took us by surprise was:
Priest: May mga boyfriend/girlfriend ba kayo na nauna?
Arn & Cyn, carefully: Y-yes, Father. (wondering where that was leading to)
Priest: May closure ba kayo sa kanila?
Arn & Cyn: Opo naman!* (chuckling, relieved)

Well, it's quite strange hearing a priest talk to you about closure.

*Like, do I even talk or write about anyone but my Arn on this blog?

Long post eh? I missed this! (:

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i thought i was
only hallucinating
about the
strawberries tub in
ice monsters.

i'm pretty sure i
saw it written there
on their list of what
you can order.

it seems they
never have
strawberries. so
so so sad. =(

Posted by ailene
Oct 29 | 06:51 AM