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October 04:
Talk about cakes being left out in the rain...

a Evergreen
a Unchained Melody
a Got to Believe in Magic
a King & Queen of Hearts
a The Way We Were
and most especially
a MacArthur's Park

... just some of the songs we put in our string trio's NOT-to-play list. (Can you imagine our fright upon seeing them in the repertoire?)

*Sorry if I offended anyone but hello, ...I don't think that I can take it cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never find that recipe again...oh noo

Speaking of baking, I heard that the cake artist we booked makes good pianono so I got one while waiting for our coordinator to arrive. Their version is light, fluffy and tastes slightly eggy. The verdict: yes it's quite yummy but frankly, the lemon squares are what will keep me coming back.

Arn and I found a pocket of free time yesterday afternoon so, at his request, we watched Twilight Zone: the Movie and then played 3 rounds each of X-Files CCG (where I always win, mwahah) and classic Magic. Now you know how recreation-deprived we are...

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Naalala ko si
MacArthur Park


Posted by Carlo
Oct 09 | 11:54 AM