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September 27:
Wedding Powwow plus Kris, Rochelle and Jopay

We missed submitting to the Mirror Project so...[ Go ]

Arn and I agree that there couldn't have been a better way to end our hellish work week (ano, Ninoy? Haay.) than with the almost 4-hour marathon session we had with Cristina our wedding planner earlier tonight. For those of you going "Huh? 4 hours? Ang OA naman nyan!", first of all we are only 91 days away from our big day i.e. it's crunch time. Next, she was in the US for 2 months so we had to powwow and integrate our ideas. Last... well there was a lot of chika on the side -- take note, rapport is the most important factor when considering a coordinator. That's what attracted us to her in the first place.

So anyway, that's the only progress we've made this week on that front. I can't believe that there is still so much to do, not to mention so many projects to finish before mid-October when I originally planned to take my "leave" from work (which, I guess, won't happen until after November 16 pala, sigh). The good news is that we've already met our projected income for this year so we can now splurge a little on some "nice-to-haves" like a videographer* and maybe a nice album from Kate's. (FYI, Kate's was my favorite hangout when I was studying at Parsons -- it was right next door!)

*We originally intended to have one of our cousins film for us but what the heck, a wedding only happens once in a lifetime right?

This is so obviously not her but I couldn't help reading what the fake Kris had to say about the gun-pointing incident.

Haha, even "Rochelle" and "Jopay" are in Friendster!


i juz want 2 know the e- add or # of jopay

Posted by Franz
Nov 02 | 06:39 AM

hay naku, don't worry about it. yeah, that way you can see me "true to life". hehe

Posted by Melai
Oct 06 | 06:02 AM

Hi Melai! You're
such a sweetie!
Thanks so much
ha, dyahe but if I
can't find anyone
else to bring it
home for me,
kakapalan ko
mukha ko. That
way I can see you
*live* na rin! (:

Posted by Cynthia
Sep 29 | 07:20 AM

Hey Cynthia! wow, 91 days until the day, huh? let me know if you're sure about getting an album from kate's. uwi akong december eh, maybe i can be your UPS.

Posted by Melai
Sep 29 | 04:27 AM