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September 21:
Bridal Fair Blues

You know you've attended one too many bridal fairs when:

a You're already on a "hi", "how are you na?" basis with wedding vendors you didn't even book.
a You can tell which displays were recycled from previous bridal fairs.
a You politely refuse every flyer or brochure that's shoved in your face because you already have the same ones stashed in your wedding planning memorabilia box.
a The only items you really care for are the sample-cake bites, facial wash sachets, and Maidenform discount coupons.
a You leave the place exhausted, vowing not to go to the next one anymore (then end up going anyway for the sheer of it, sheesh).

Actually, I've reached my limit but I'll surely miss going in the years to come. Even Arn begged off from the last one because Lizza nicely offered to go with me anyway. (Our main agenda was really to watch her friend's sister's fashion show so it wasn't a complete waste of energy.)

This sentence is totally pointless but ugh ugh ugh, a lizard just crawled down my leg!!! *shiver*

*Friends who know me well know that I could very well be president of the anti-lizard society.

In case I don't get to blog in the next couple of weeks, be sure to check the Fotolog every now and then -- it's much easier to update.


So far, I've only had number 3. As in, I don't get flyers anymore because my box is just brimming with them. E parepareho lang naman. ;)

Posted by Jen
Sep 22 | 08:34 AM

Dimaans! Butiki!!!
Yucch! Just the
word itself gives
me the

Posted by Cynthia
Sep 22 | 07:31 AM

What is it with you
and butiki?

Kasi warm ka,
Cynch eh. ^_^

Posted by Dimaans
Sep 22 | 07:14 AM