Sigh, vacation’s over. Arn and I are back from Japan but it hasn’t quite sunk in yet1. Our legs and backs still ache2 from all the walking, hiking, and running after trains we did, but so what? At least we were able to bring home a lot of happy memories, pictures, and Crunky3 to last us til… well, the next chance for another holiday4. I’ll write a decent travelogue soon — there’s way too much I want to share about the trip but I have to finish unpacking first. Seeya later. 🙂

Japan vacation 2006

1. Wall of lanterns, 2. Astroboy, 3. Tendon setto at Minggei, 4. Wishing blocks, 5. Meiji Jingu Shrine, 6. Tokyo National Gymnasium, 7. Tokyo National Gymnasium, 8. Yoyogi Park, 9. Takoyaki, 10. NHK Studio Park, 11. NHK Studio Park, 12. Shibuya crossing, 13. JR train map at Tokyo Station, 14. Self-portrait at the Shibuya crossing, 15. Shibuya Station Mural, 16. Laputa Robot Soldier at the Studio Ghibli Museum rooftop garden, 17. Welcome to the Straw Hat Cafe!, 18. A side street in Shibuya, 19. Halloween masks at Tokyu Hands, 20. Manhole cover at the Ghibli Museum courtyard, 21. The “Nekobasu” (Cat Bus) shuttle service to the Ghibli Museum, 22. “Maid in Japan” girls in Akihabara, 23. Akihabara TX station, 24. Capsule toy vendos, 25. Entrance to the Ghibli Museum, 26. Postcard-pretty view of the lake at Mt. Bandai, 27. Hello, fishies, 28. Koi fish, 29. Autumn leaves in Fukushima, 30. Sticky rice balls, 31. View from the Tsurugajo Castle, 32. Tsurugajo Castle, 33. Aizu Samurai Residence, 34. By the lake at Mt. Bandai, 35. I’ve got Tokyu Hands, 36. Arn at the Design Festa Gallery
More photos in my Multiply galleries:
* Harajuku, Shibuya, Omotesando
* Nippori, NHK Museum, Tokyo Olympic Gymnasium
* Studio Ghibli Museum
* Shibuya and Akihabara
* Fukushima Prefecture

… and in Arnold’s Flickr set.

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  1. I bowed and almost uttered “arigato” to the customs officer at NAIA. This is what happens when you spend two weeks in Japan. (You just gotta love the Japanese, they’re such a polite society.)[ back]
  2. Ahh the signs of aging…[ back]
  3. I love Crunky chocolate but only second to Melty Kiss, particularly the Matcha (green tea) flavor. Unfortunately Melty Kiss was late coming out this year so I didn’t get to hoard boxes of them like I normally do, hehe. (It only appears on the shelves during late fall and winter.)[ back]
  4. Whenever that may be, sigh. Bitin![ back]