This being my birthday month (*wink, nudge*), I had to take a trip to the LTO to renew my license this morning. Since it only took my brother less than an hour (yup, drug test and all) to renew last year, I had high hopes that if I leave at 9, I’ll be able to get my new card in an hour, run to the grocery, and then get home early enough to cook lunch for dear hubby. In fact I proudly told him not to come along so he can work while his wife “took care of everything”.
Sadly, my well-orchestrated plan was not to be. (First of all, I woke up at 9 so I was already running a bit late to start with.) I left at 9:30, got to LTO by 9:45, finished the drug and medical test by 10, filed the license renewal form by 10:30, then waited. And waited. And waited. By 11:30, they hadn’t even called me to the cashier yet so I called Arn and told him that the chances that I can get home before lunch is rather, well, bleak. I finally got called to Window 6 at 11:59, only to be told that my license will be ready after lunch. (And it was, I got it at 1pm, on the dot. My card was just unfortunate enough to be in the pile that had to be set aside due to lunch break.)
Lesson: wake up early. It turns out that Calvin was there by 8, no wonder he finished early.

Just for posterity, you may want to read the blog entry I wrote after renewing 3 years ago.