Hip-hip-hurrah! Yes, there is reason to rejoice because the fourth issue of our magazine, Wedding Essentials (July-Dec 2006), is now available at all leading bookstores and magazine stands. Hope you can check it out (pretty please?) Marbee, Charlene, Ria, the staff, and I have been working on it since January this year.


In this issue, we celebrate sometihng close to home, the Filipiniana wedding.

Who says it has to be confined to pina, jusi, and barongs? Who says there is only one true Filipina? Wedding Essentials explores what Filipiniana is in this issue. Four beautiful brides, each representing a Filipina archetype (chinita, dusky, mestiza, and morena) grace the gorgeous fabric (yes, fabric!) cover of this constantly innovative magazine. Be inspired by over 250 pages containing gorgeous bouquets, top designers’ beautiful reflections on what Filipiniana is, picturesque setups and venues, and dream themes ranging from Victorian Elegance to Romantic Hacienda. Truly the quintessential guide for the modern bride, Wedding Essentials, as always, has happy stories from recent brides, tips from industry experts, and many ideas for every detail of your dream wedding…from the invitation to the honeymoon.
For those who’d like to experience the making of WE4, I’ve just uploaded a ton of behind the scenes photos.
For the past few weeks, WE4, the Beautiful Weddings special, Veronica Mars1 and life in general2 has kept me away from this blog. Regular programming will resume as soon as time allows it.


UPDATE: There are new pics in the phlog!

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  1. Thanks to Lia for giving me a copy of the entire first season of the series, I am now a devoted follower. Go pirates![ back]
  2. Of course I’d rather spend my free time with Arn, Abbas and with friends and family rather than the computer, diba?[ back]