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April 23:
Pitches and cream.

If you're seething over your cellulite, overwrought by your waddle, or constantly seem to be losing the battle of the lower-body bulge, meet the world's most celebrated shoe.

masaii (2k image)

Sport Masai Barefoot Technology Sneaker*

They tone muscles, better your balance, improve posture, help varicose veins and-- God save the Queen-- have been known to swiftly sack cellulite.

* targetted for the 30-something sedentary female, i.e. me

Remember the pitch I told you about, the one I slaved on during my birthday week? Well we, oops, they* won the account, yahoo!

*Since I was just freelancing for the agency, technically it's their win. Still I'm proud to have played a part in it.

If you haven't tired of looking at them yet, more pictures of our wedding are online, courtesy of Carlo!

Hey guess what, The Sacred Works of Ryan Cayabyab is now commercially available. It's really a masterpiece folks and worth every peso... so please go get a copy now. (:

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hi cyn! do you know if this shoe is available in manila? :) how much kaya?

Posted by neva
Apr 23 | 10:58 AM