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November 08:
Webbed Feat

Congratulations to our friends who won Webbys this year:

Corporate: Teleserv (J)
Art: Inksurge (Zoo and Jois)
Schools: Ateneo (Berger)
Orgs: UPMountaineers : (25*8)
Community: PhilMUG (yay, Carlo)
Weird: Kubori Kikiam (...and I heard that Mike gave yet another kilometric speech, complete with song number)

Like I said, it's a great feat considering the credentials of this years' judges.

Too bad we missed the show! Arn and I only had one ticket and we weren't up to paying P350 for an extra one (we're saving up for our wedding, diba?). The night of the awards, however, I got a text from Halins saying she and J have an extra ticket (aww thank you guys) but we were already set on having a relaxing evening at our respective homes. Maybe next year?

I had two fittings of my gown this week and of course I couldn't bring Arn to either of them... Tips is doing a marvelous job juggling MOH and couturier roles so I'm confident that the gown will turn out really well. The first day I brought along my close friend Adelina -- she who will always say the unbiased truth -- along. The second time I was with entourage members Sheila and Lizza, who very graciously skipped lunch along with me (it wasn't an option really, we had to get Sheila back to her office in Makati from Merville as soon as we could). I have to say that it's really getting exciting! I've never worn a bridal gown before... duh.


hello its me azrael

you and arnold have pics from matrix revolutions in our imagestation link

you can download it there..




Posted by azrael
Nov 09 | 03:40 PM

LOL! :) Sorry, Ate Cyn, natawa lang talaga ako sa last sentence mo. :)

Posted by ramon
Nov 09 | 06:34 AM