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August 17:
Books for our registry?

If I wasn't old enough to be, ahem, responsible, I would happily blow last week's earnings on these must-reads* for the year:

*in my humble opinion

Blankets (6k image)
Blankets by Craig Thompson. I've been waiting for this book ever since Arn gave me the heartbreaking Goodbye, Chunky Rice three years ago. Now that it's finally out, the wedding budget says we can't afford it. (Hmm, maybe we should include it in our registry?)

morebop (5k image)
BOP! (More Box Office Poison Stories) by Alex Robinson. If you read my rave about the original (gigantic) collection, you'll understand how excited I am about this upcoming release.

100demons (12k image)
100 Demons by Lynda Barry (who is 1/4 Filipino, by the way). Our friend Ani generously lent us her copy just the other week and as soon as I read, oh, the first page, I knew that our bookshelf just won't do without it.

Here, check out the strip where she names the Aswang as one of her "demons".

Have you congratulated Dean and Ian for winning their nth Palancas yet? Go now, go!

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it's great to know a fellow Lynda Fan =)

Posted by elisabet ramsey
Sep 02 | 09:26 AM