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August 08:
Measuring cups and everything in between.

Aha, finally I can squeeze in some blogging into this crazy schedule.

So, I was able to drop by Tippi's to have myself measured* for the gown yesterday afternoon. It feels great knowing that one of my best, most trusted friends is taking care of my dream gown but yii-kes, that also means I have to watch my diet from now on lest my measurements fluctuate towards the big day. I swear it was much easier keeping them pounds off years ago!

*Yep, right after my wonderful client Pam stuffed me with carpaccio, pizza, and pasta at a meeting. What timing, huh? (:

I've also been working with my friend Itsy's cousin Maria on her website. She's an NYC-based interior designer so if you're looking for high quality work for your interiors (or if you're an international headhunter... ok, just taking my chances), why don't you drop her a line?


Wow! Things are getting exciting, huh? (: I hope the gown turns out fabulous!

Posted by Macy
Aug 11 | 05:37 AM

hi cyn! when's yr wedding again? i barely have time to sleep these days and adding wedding planning to my plate is overwhelming me. i need as much tips as i can get! :)

Posted by heidiologies
Aug 10 | 06:17 PM