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June 12:

heavy third quarter workload
wedding planning crunchtime
verysporadic blog updates


*Gasp* Our wedding is 6 months away so lemme just list what we've covered so far:

a The venues, of course
a Coordination
a Photographer(s)
a Videographer(s)
a Gown designer
a Arnold's tailor
a Musicians
a Flowers and decor
a Cake designer
a CEs for the Invitation
a Wedding bands
a some church & state requirements

Hmm, it seems like we've done a lot but this is only half of what the wedding will be! We have yet to attend church and city hall seminars, meet with the ceremony officiant and our reception venue's banquet coordinator, get our measurements taken, finalize our entourage & guest list, attend our choir's rehearsals, have our rings engraved, have our invites and misalettes printed, etc etc etc etc etc, not to mention furnish our new home. Thank goodness we decided to allot a year for preparation.

Note: There are times when we think if all this planning is worth it, after all a lifetime of marriage and not just a single day's event should be the center of attraction. However, we owe our dear families and friends a solemn celebration of what our union is about, that's why we want to do it right.


wow. With all the hassle involved in planning weddings, I wonder if I shouldn't already start planning mine, kahit wala pang bride. Hehe. :)

My best wishes to you and Kuya Arn, as always. :)

Posted by Elbert
Jun 22 | 10:26 AM

Joany & Vinnie:
wow thanks so
much for the
encouragement! (:

Meg: Huy anong
elope??! Baby ka
pa to be thinking of
these things ha! (:

Posted by Cynthia
Jun 15 | 06:06 PM

elope! elope!

just kidding. worth it yan! :)

Posted by meg
Jun 14 | 07:47 AM

Hi Cyn! i'm sure you and Arnold will have a wonderful wedding! The most important thing is the love you have for each other. :)

Posted by Vinnie
Jun 12 | 09:14 PM

hi chang!
i'm so excited na
sa wedding
invitation mo... is it
going to be a
website? a cd
cover? a comic

Posted by joanymoany
Jun 12 | 02:30 PM

Hang in there Jen!You have 11 months to enjoy the rollercoaster of preparations :D

Posted by Cyn
Jun 12 | 12:20 PM

My sentiments exactly! I've only been able to reserve the church and the reception venue. Nothing else. I'm still 11 months away but I feel the pressure to close more of the things that need to be done. :) Elopement did enter my mind. ;)

Posted by Jen
Jun 12 | 09:39 AM