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June 04:
Bride ideas and Arnimatrix.

Bridezilla bright idea # 90271: Why not have a bag that can double as a bouquet?

florettebag (6k image)

More flowerbags over at Daily Blossom

Sigh I couldn't resist taking the"What Kind of Bride Will You Be" quiz. The result?

Congratulations, you are a traditional bride! You've been dreaming of this day since you were five years old. You want the big white dress, the bouquet of roses and daddy walking you down the aisle. You could be the poster girl for all things wedding.

Hmm, I do want my parents to walk me down the aisle, but a big white dress and a bouquet of roses is just SO not me.

I've started calling Arnold my Arnimatrix since he's currently re-obsessed with all things Matrix! Yes Dimaans, he's memorized Agent Smith's monologues and that's not all, he braved the heavy rains (and equally heavy traffic) yesterday morning -- those who know him well, take note: morning -- just to buy a copy of the yesterday-released Animatrix. I think the last time he was this excited over a movie was with LOTR, when he got me all those figurines from Burger King, hehe.


Not a bad idea at all. Parang if you need a lipstick touch-up, you just dip your hand in your bouquet and tadah!

Posted by Melai
Jun 09 | 05:18 AM

Hi,I just wanted to say congrats for such a great page(it is the most intersting I have seen)and for your too marriage!!!!I'll be back soon for a deeper look!!!!!!!

Posted by Randomgirl
Jun 07 | 10:00 PM

Hey, Cynthia. I added your site to my links page :)I used your form to tell you, but i got an error after clicking Submit. Something about recepient error. Anyways, just thought i'd say it here..

Posted by skyOrange
Jun 05 | 06:51 PM

Shei, your
wedding was the
most creative I've
attended! Touched
ako to have been a
part of it *sniff*
Miss you and Tips
na tara next week!
Pramis! p.s.
naman that Mike is
excited! Hehe! (:

Posted by Cynthia
Jun 04 | 08:04 PM

cynch in a flouncy
white gown? that
will be the day,
took the test
myself and sure
enough with the
yellow wedding
mike and i had, i
fall under the
unique bride
category (read:
loony weddings,
anyways, so when
are we havin lunch
and coffee my
dear friend? btw,
mike, just the
other day, out o the
blue, blurted out,
"hey, malapit na
wedding ni
cynthia!" And i tell
you, he was perty
excited :-)
see you soon!

Posted by Sheila
Jun 04 | 04:19 PM

Heids! Cmon, deep inside you think it's not such a bad idea right?! (: And how convenient, you work just right beside the shop! Cosmic! (Buy me one na rin! Haha, j/k)

Posted by Cyn
Jun 04 | 09:30 AM

bouquet bags? hmmm ... they're so tacky they might just work! haha! plus, their office is right by where i work! maybe i'll check them out. thanks for the heads up! (if i end up with these at my wedding, i'll have YOU to blame, cyn! haha!

Posted by heidiologies
Jun 04 | 08:30 AM