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March 07:
The wedding planner.

Ooh, a blogmeet. (: Ellen invited me last Wednesday but I had to decline because Arn and I had a meeting with our coordinator.

[insert gasp here]

Uh-huh, we caved and got a wedding planner (think J. Lo -- or Franck Eggelhoffer, if you're from my generation), but just for the day itself*. After three months of running around asking all my friends for quality suppliers who are, take note, not necessarily from the wedding industry (as these people who are not necessarily quality providers usually charge higher), we had our fill and decided to hire the services of an expert. After all, we can't afford to look harrassed on our special day.

*There is such a thing as "Day Coordination" where the planner will take over only around 2-3 months before the wedding day.

This announcement is a bit late but please welcome J Sushi back online!


Thanks for the tip
Junnie! Don't
worry, we have
lotsa professional
friends who've
offered to cover
our wedding (:

Hi SHil! Yup we
finally decided on
one (remember I
texted you about
it). By the way, why
did your blog
die???? ):

Posted by Cynthia
Mar 11 | 10:48 AM

Hi Cynthia!

Pictures, dont forget getting the best photogs for the day. Even if they say, "its just a day, plan for the rest of your married life", you have all the right to have the best memories of The Day.

Posted by Junnie
Mar 07 | 09:04 PM

Oooh, a wedding coordinator :). Just don't let them talk you into swans and ice sculptures (i love Father of the Bride and Frank E. by the way).

Posted by Shiloah
Mar 07 | 08:21 PM