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February 13:
Arnold's Ateneo talk.

Sorry for the lack of *real* posts. I'll try to make up for it with this one.

So here's a recap of my week:
Monday, Tuesday and early-morning Wednesday were a blur of client briefings, last-minute artwork touch-ups, and messengerial errands*.

*side note - please bring color-coding back!!! I waste most of the day sitting in the car, my driving leg has gone numb.

Things were more relaxed yesterday when I accompanied Arn to his Comic Collective / Adarna-sponsored talk in Ateneo (thanks, Elbert).

admuarn (5k image)
Arn in his element.

It was nice to see and meet more of Arnold's readers plus Hey Comics regulars Carlos and Prof. Jamie (who turned out to be the cousin of my friend Ines who, incidentally is our friend Shiloah's boss at Summit! Small world-ness.)

admutalk (8k image)
Everyone who stayed on after the lecture and book-signing.

On the wedding-planning front, let me just tell you that one thing I learned in the 2 months we've been preparing is that there are so many resources out there (whose rates won't make you fall off your seat) not even listed in the glossies' so-called bridal directories.

I had lunch with our friend Chiko last week and if I didn't give her detailed kwento about our plans, I wouldn't have learned that she's a walking repository of all things bride and beautiful. In just a snap she got our ceremony and reception music all planned out just the way we want it -- it also helps that we share the same taste when it comes to music. S'wonderful.