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Inviting you to Arnold Arre’s Book Signing Event at Filbar’s Megamall


Arnold and I hope that you can come to his signing event tomorrow, Saturday, at Filbar’s SM Megamall from 1-4 pm. (This is at the Ground Level of Bldg. B.) We’re grateful to Filbar’s for the invitation to hold this event, and of course to our good friends Jamie and Iyay Bautista of Nautilus Comics for publishing his work and bringing them to a new generation of readers. <3

In case you’re not familiar with Arn’s graphic novels, here are most of them:

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The Mythology Class,” “Trip to Tagaytay,” “Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat,” and “Martial Law Babies.”
(Not in picture: “After Eden” which I forgot to include in the group pic. oops!)

He’s also done some animated videos and his debut short film “Milkyboy” won the New Directors/New Visions Award at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival in 2013.

Lots more info are in his site, but since he hardly ever updates his blog since he’s always busy working (especially these days), I’m doing the inviting for him. 😉

So anyway, we hope to see you! There will be some announcements about his upcoming projects and releases. 😀

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“Split Screen” – a little wordless comic I made in 2004

Way back in 2004, Arnold and I were part of a Yahoo Group called “Hey! Comics” led by our good friend Ramon de Veyra. It consisted of a bunch of (mainly) non-mainstream-comic readers which made the mailing list a convenient outlet for friendly discussion about recent reads.

Since there were writers & artists in the group, Ramon thought of putting out an anthology of *our own* works. I had never drawn & written a comic before save for a cheesy application letter to an ad agency after graduation.1.  I wanted to leave that expertise to Arnold but Ramon insisted that I try too. Arn encouraged me as well and advised me that perhaps I should draw from personal experience. So I came up with “Split Screen.” I don’t want to reveal too much but it’s basically a story about finding closure and moving on from a painful past. (In other words, #hugot) 🙂

split screen comic by cynthia bauzon arre

It’s only 3 pages long and it has no dialogue so you can click on the image if you’d like to view it in full. I do hope you can let me know what you think of it. 🙂

* By the way, I found Ramon’s blog entry about the comic’s launch from July 2004. Reading it felt like traveling back in time…

** This was previously uploaded in Multiply but since that site is now gone, I thought I’d place it in my portfolio in time for Free Comic Book Day on May 2. )

  1. That company DID NOT hire me, by the way lol[ back]
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