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September 10:
Treelets & September get-togethers

Jill Bliss recently sent out information about her new project, a 32-page full color graphic novel called Treelets.

treelets (9k image)
Simple and quirky hand drawn images illustrate the stories of two increasingly interpollinating worlds populated by small trees.

Cute, huh? Didn't I tell you she was one of my idols?

I poked around Jill's site some more and also found these unique, cost-effective wedding invitation sets she designed for friends. I wish I found them sooner though, they would've inspired us to go completely DIY on our invites (which are, incidentally, at the printing press already *gulp, crossing fingers they'll turn out well*).

Because my monitor forced me to go on vacation last week, I had to spend the last five days cramming to finish 5 jobs all at once. This, in between (all in all) six client meetings on Friday, Monday & Tuesday. Now is probably the only window in my sked that I can squeeze in a blog for this week but I sincerely thank you for visiting every now and then even when there's nothing to see. (:

I refuse, however, to let work get in the way of meeting with friends, especially those whom we haven't seen in ages!

Friday night was spent hanging out with the Comic Quest gang: Vinnie, Marco, Carl, Jason, Dean & Nikki. (See my Fotolog for our pic).

Saturday was a joint birthday gathering of our UP Fine Arts friends at Lizza's place. (Pictures are here.)

And yesterday Arn and I along with Ninoy dropped by O&M to visit some of my old friends since we had meetings in the building anyway.

Speaking of friends, would you believe that Tirso Cruz is in my Friendster friends list? Yup, I actually got a friend-request from him (or more likely someone pretending to be him). How funny!