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July 15:
Swamped Mushy Muddy

If the idea of being engulfed in symphonic music under a canopy of stars appeals to you, why don't you head on over to the Walled City this Friday evening for Variations: Music on the Walls, a concert series brought to us by the San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts. And hey guess what, admission is f-r-e-e.

variations (19k image)

For more information, join the SMFPA mailing list.

*Arnold and I worked labored on the merchandising materials all of last week so if you love us (as if!), please go and support our client.

Other projects in the works: a pop diva's album (due out this week), packaging for a beverage company's line of jams and preserves, and a website. (Arn is churning out some new stuff for the graphic novel-reading world too. )

Although wedding planning is taking a backseat right now, there have been a couple of unexpected developments:

a Make-up artist
a Souvenirs


hey you! sabi ko nga ba familiar ka.. hehe :)

Posted by kai
Aug 08 | 11:21 PM

Hi, Cyn! Sent you e-mail! Take care!

Posted by Jason
Jul 28 | 10:33 AM

wow, gagawa ka na rin ng packaging? yay! go cynthia!

Posted by Melai
Jul 17 | 06:38 AM