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May 03:
Random thingamajiggers.

Please welcome a new blog on the block: Vinnie Simbulan's My Life As A Bed

Spotted during my last window-surfing spree:

1. The Comics Bracelet

bracelet (8k image)

Perfect for: the fanboy's girl.

Note: The bracelets are made of colorful comic-strip and brass heishi beads.

2. A Water Can Tote

h20canbag (6k image)

Perfect for: your green-thumbed fashionista friend.

3. A children's book-themed wedding cake

cake (4k image)

Perfect for: the Peter Pan-and-Wendy-minded couple.


Alia, Melai, Gemini
-- hey now! yeah
is such a great
site no?

Ailene - you bet! I
keep changing my
mind regarding
souvenirs and
other stuff bec of
all the new things I
find everyday,

Antony - oh no,
sorry but those
icons are in the
freezer ): Will try to
dig them up then
I'll send them to
you via e-mail.

Posted by Cynthia
May 08 | 07:30 AM

hey, ate cyn! my officemates and i took a look at uncommongoods.com and found lots of cool stuff. talk about eye candy!

good thing we didn't have any credit cards on us at the time. we would've ordered a lot! :)

Posted by alia
May 07 | 08:39 PM

hey there! loved da uncommon stuff webbie!! thx 4 sharing and telling abt it! =)
hmm i tried contacting ur email and had no reply! plz rit me back! regarding website design!

thx =)

Posted by Gemini
May 07 | 01:09 PM

Haha... I think I'm
going to plan my
own wedding
too.... Look at all
the cool things
you're stumbling


Posted by ailene
May 06 | 12:49 PM

Ang cute! Argh! Uncommongoods.com really calls out to the consumer in everyone. Kainis!

Posted by Melai
May 04 | 08:59 PM

off-topic: hi ate cyn. um, where can i find your freebie icons (eheads) in your portfolio site?

Posted by antony
May 03 | 02:50 PM