56klj 03/28/2003: "Life is a piece of...caaaaaake."

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March 28:
Life is a piece of...caaaaaake.

Arn and I had a meeting with a cake supplier the other day and I made the mistake of splashing on cake batter cologne on my wrists and guzzling down a can of Vanilla Coke before the meeting. I felt so dizzy that I couldn't taste a thing, too bad for me*. Now I want a slice, hmm.

*He said it was "faaantastic!" and finished my share. (Don't worry, he's lost 10lbs since December.)

Will vandas look great surrounded by pink cymbidiums and purple lisianthus in a nosegay?

Can a 3-tier cake hold well outdoors if it's iced with swiss meringue or maybe marzipan instead of fondant?

Did you know that planning a wedding can expand one's vocabulary? I've never even heard of some of those words before in my life, much less use them in a sentence.

If you're a future bride or groom-to-be, I strongly recommend that you join the Weddings at Work egroup that Dean recommended early this year. It's strictly moderated so that no one from the wedding industry are able to spy, meaning everyone gets to vent and warn others about their own wedding day mishaps with certain suppliers. Of course it also works the other way around -- we get to know about suppliers who deliver well. I've been a lister for about a month now and I could say I'm a lot more informed.


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