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January 16:
Wedding checklist for Month # 1

What a week. I was down with the flu and couldn't breathe and sleep properly for days. On top of that, our clients decided to go on a first quarter job-ordering spree* all at once. Haaay.

*that spells extra Together Money for us so we really don't mind. Yun lang, everything's happening at the same time.

Arn and I have taken a break from wedding planning for the meantime since a lot of things on the checklist for this month have already been settled. Martha will be so proud:

date, church and reception venue
principal sponsors and entourage
initial guest list
gown designer
invitation (compre)
souvenir/favors supplier
emcees and entertainment

Truth is we're very blessed to have loyal, longtime friends and relatives wholeheartedly offering help, advice, and even their actual services. What more can a couple-to-be ask for?

Just checked my referrers. If you got here by googling "wedding planning + blog", may I direct you to Erika's The Digital Bride, a collective blog by brides-to-be.

For more in-depth planning advice, go to The Knot, Wedding Channel, or Wholly Matrimony. Locally you can visit Kasal, Philippine Wedding Guide or Weddings at Work.


alia: hahaha. blushing blushing!

cyn: don't worry mare. next time im there..magsasawa tayo coz for good na stay ko there. :) i havent seen day either! pero we spoke sa phone so okay lang. shempre di tamang dito ako magquento no? sige..next time na lang. email tayo!

Posted by meg
Jan 20 | 02:12 PM

Meg and Alia: Sino???
Is it someone I know?
(; Uuy, Alia, in denial (:

Meg: What andyan ka
na ulit? (: Ang short
naman ng stay mo!

Posted by Cyn
Jan 20 | 07:48 AM

"i know who's being linked to alia."

yack! that sounds so showbiz. at gaga, di ako magpapakasal! i don't smell romance nga anywhere eh! coz i've a cold. kidding. i'm so baduy...

Posted by alia
Jan 20 | 05:22 AM

OH MY GOD YOURE GETTING MARRIED!!! shempre huli ako sa balita.

im back in new york na. pero ok lang cyn. next time! promise. lol.

oist. chismis. i know who's being linked to alia. uuuy!

Posted by meg
Jan 18 | 03:02 PM

really?!?! dang, i wish i could smell it, too. :p

Posted by alia
Jan 17 | 11:07 AM

Uuuy Alia ha, I smell
romaaance (:

Posted by Cyn
Jan 17 | 06:31 AM

wow! i should keep a link to this post so that i'll have all the links i need when i get married. :)

Posted by alia
Jan 16 | 06:05 PM