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January 03:
Happy new wedding-planning year.

Happy new year to everyone! May you have a wonderful 2003.

Please also greet our friend Dean a happy birthday! (:

Thank you for all the congratulatory notes and sms greetings, they mean a lot to us. Arnold and I are truly happy and excited about this giant step we're taking. Funny but most our friends and rellies' reactions were either "Finally!", "Thank goodness you've set a date!", and the classic "Ha, hindi pa pala kayo engaged sa lagay na yan?"

The very first time Arn had hinted that we were bound for the altar was when we had this conversation on our first month together:

Him: "Baby, do you see this relationship as 'long-term'?"
Me: "But of course, love. What about you?"
Him: "...Longer than you think..."

32 blissful months, a formal proposal and a pamanhikan later, we're as sure as sure can be. (:

Note: Pics of the pamanhikan dinner are here.

We have 11 or so months to go before our big day but we're bracing ourselves for what looks to be a supercalifragilistically busy year. I got a taste of it this early, having a mild panic attack upon learning that most reception venues for the date we set are already booked! So soon!?!

Fortunately we were able to get a slot at our first choice, but only after being waitlisted for 2 weeks. For some reason, the other person cancelled her reservation so Arn and I didn't think twice about plunking down that deposit* right away.

By the way, if you know of any good local online resource regarding wedding planning, be it a guide site or a blog, please let me know! Thanks.

*Gulp. We have to work twice as hard now. Everything's so darn expensive.

Speaking of weddings, congratulations and best wishes to Gerry and Ilyn! Here's to more artists in your family. (:


Wow!!! Huli na ako sa balita! I just found out. CONGRATULATIONS! :)

(I know a supplier for flowers if you're interested and if you don't have pa. :P )

Posted by Cha
Jan 12 | 12:50 PM

Haha, thanks Nic! The
thought is very much
appreciated (:

Posted by Cyn
Jan 10 | 05:24 AM

happy new year, cyn! good luck with the preparations. i'd like to help, but i know absolutely nothing :)

Posted by nic
Jan 08 | 08:18 AM

Thanks so much
Porsh! Actually I've
been visiting na rin
the sites u mentioned.
Been posting at the
kasal.com forums too
hehe. It's nice
connecting with
others making the
same critical decisions

Posted by Cyn
Jan 06 | 06:58 AM

hi, u don't know me but i've been reading ur blog for a long tym nw. nway, congratulations and best wishes 2 d two of u.
as for the local wedding sites u wer askin abt, i recommend u try kasal.com & philippineweddingguide.com. u can also check out theknot.com, it isn't a local site but it's a great resource for ideas,tips,etc.

Posted by porsh
Jan 06 | 03:41 AM

Thanks AnP and
Paloys! (:

Posted by Cyn
Jan 05 | 07:54 PM

you don't know me but...congrats. hope it lasts forever. :) sweet!

Posted by paloys
Jan 04 | 03:55 PM

i luv the pics! am happy for you and arn!

Posted by AnP
Jan 04 | 01:50 AM