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September 20:
Of Past Lives and The History of Ate Cyn

Site-see with me: Dreamscapes, the blog of Jason's s.o. Camille, who I've known since her NU107 days; A Walking Accident, Alia the Gameplan Girl's journal, and El Preso Desnudo, Neva's talented artist friend Carlo's blog.

According to this site, I lived in North Canada, around the year 425. My profession was that of a banker, usurer, moneylender or judge. I had a Bohemian personality, mysterious, highly gifted, capable to understand ancient books. With a magician's abilities, I could have been a servant of dark forces.

Who were you in the past?

Arn finally caved (after I nagged him all week) and had a haircut at a salon-of-my-choice yesterday. Look!

newhair (5k image)
Bagay, diba?

* when we weren't together yet, getting a haircut for him was as simple as going to a barber and walking out with shorter hair.

Aha, more people are calling me Ate Cyn now (even Dean, who's really 4 years older calls me that) so I thought I'd give you a history lesson.

"Ate Cyn" was started by Kelvin, Jugs & Jazz of the itchyworms! who would run to me for advice (they still do) years ago when they were but wee college sophomores. I hung out with them during gigs, and eventually met the now-famous Quark who became a real good friend and confidante and started calling me "Ate Twin" after someone mistook us for brother and sister. Met Ramon through him -- I met Neva a few months later -- and they, along with other friends, would frequently pick me up from work and then we'd go out to gimiks and stuff. I really loved being with them because even if they're much younger, they never made me feel the age difference.

... And then Arnold came into my life*, and even if I don't see my young friends as much anymore, I know they all love him for taking care of their "Ate". (:

*Quark used to say that God had someone special in store for me, giftwrapped with a tag saying 'to Cynthia, have a nice life'. Yes kuya twin, that's definitely Arnold. (:


Kuya Dean: Oo naman

Posted by Cynthia
Sep 22 | 10:06 AM

ATE Cyn - if I'm 4 years older than you, then that makes you 22, right? ;)

Posted by Dean
Sep 21 | 08:25 AM

Haha, Alia! I should
start requiring
everyone who calls
me ate Cyn to call
Arnold KUYA lest
people think I'm older
than him (;

Posted by Cynthia
Sep 21 | 06:22 AM

hey, thanks for the site-see link! :) can i call you ate cyn, too?

Posted by alia
Sep 21 | 12:39 AM

Luis: Sure! copyright
Quark yung line, hehe.
Trust him to come up
with something as
sweet as that to
cheer me up, awww.

Posted by Cynthia
Sep 20 | 10:09 PM

>God had someone
>special in store
>for me, giftwrapped
>with a tag saying
>'to Cynthia, have
>a nice life'.

Aww Cyn, that's so sweet! Can I maybe, steal that line? ;-)

Posted by Luis
Sep 20 | 09:49 PM