It’s been an ultraelectromagneticjourney.

Eraserheads fans, there’s reason to rejoice – our favorite band’s music is given new life in the just-released UltraelectromagneticJam– classic Eheads tunes as interpreted by popular bands and artists. That’s not all, Budz, Raimund and Ely themselves are part of the album, but this time separately as producers and guest performers. Even Marcus told us that he’ll be jamming with um, one of the artists (surprise na lang muna) at the launch on Tuesday, coolness! It would be great if they can all perform as one group again, but I guess we have to wait and see if that’ll ever happen. (By the way, we have Jam 88.3 and SonyBMG to thank for this project.)
UPDATE: There are a few pics from the launch on our phlog, here you go.
We’re listening to it right now and these are our personal faves: FrancisM’s Superproxy2K2, Radiocative Sago Project’s Alcohol, Isha’s Torpedo, Sugarfree’s Tikman, Rico J Puno’s Huling El Bimbo, Orange & Lemons’ Huwag Kang Matakot, and Imago’s Spoliarium.

By the way, my Arn did all the band illustrations while I did the overall design and hand-lettering (gulp, yes everything from the album title down to the copyright line was hand-lettered). Hope you like it (;

I told Arn that this album was the perfect project to end 2005 because it’s been 10 years since my first design project for the Eheads. I actually met Budz, Raimund and Marcus in college in 1988 when I would hang out with my good friend Candy – she was their band Curfew‘s vocalist (and now she’s a bank executive and doting mom to two adorable daughters, haha).

I didn’t see them again after we graduated until I bought Ultraelectromagneticpop and realized that the three guys in the pic were “Candy’s former bandmates”. In 1995 I was working as Art Director for Pepsi in O&M and we got the Eheads for the Megadrive promo. We renewed our ties and they asked me to design their fanzine Pillbox.

Everything else followed after that: Fruitcake, Aloha Milkyway, Pillbox2, Natin 99, and Carbon Stereoxide. They tapped me for side projects too – Ely’s Wanted Bedspacer, Raims’ Sandwich’s Grip Stand Throw and 4-Track Mind and Inkjet, Ely’s sis’ Lally’s Fair Tales, and later on Arn did Marcus’ KamonKamon and last year’s best-selling Anthology.

Thru them I got immersed in the music scene where I met really good friends like Marie, Earnest, Quark, Monra and Nev and fabulous bands like the Itchyworms, Fatal Posporos, Sugar Hiccup, and many others. They also got me in touch with one of our most suki and consistent clients to date.

By the way, did I mention that they somehow got Arn and me together? We were introduced by a common friend, Marco, at the Fruitcake book launch in 1997. (;

I’m not sure if they’ll ever have another album again, or if I’ll get to design it too, but I’d like to thank them for touching our lives with their music, and for letting my art touch theirs.

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  1. i think you have one of the best jobs.

    i am very interested in graphic design. but i am clueless as to where to start. i mean, i’ve checked books out, and i’m saving up for a photoshop and illustrator package. but is that enough? i would very much appreciate any suggestions you can give me.

    salamat! ingat.:)

  2. I can’t wait to hear Rico J. Puno’s version. It sounds like a winner.

  3. uy!!!! kailan yung launch???

  4. Jo Anne, thanks. I enjoy my job too! Will email you soon πŸ™‚

    Carlo – panalo talaga! Of course iba version ng Eheads but it was really interesting to hear Rico J belt out El Bimbo. Pakinggan mo rin yung sa Sago, galing!

    J – tomorrow night, 8pm, UP Theatre. Details are at the Jam 88.3 website πŸ™‚

  5. UPDATE: There are a few pics from the launch on our phlog, here you go.

  6. hope to see ur version of the eheads tribute..perhaps a gallery of ur sketches/album cover compres and the classic fcake storybook πŸ™‚

  7. kudos to the cover art of the album!

    i really liked the visuals the two of you made. i wish i could land a job like yours in the future.

    the album was really worth it.

    btw, can i borrow some images of the cover? i would like to feature it on my blog.

  8. Hi Aidz and Yomz! Uy thanks for the really kind words.

    Aidz, hehe sana nga. πŸ™‚

    Yomz, be my guest! Thanks so much for dropping by πŸ˜€

  9. thanks so much for allowing me. πŸ™‚

    thanks too for dropping my site. im honored, and quite flattered for the comment on our Philips ad that we made for our school project πŸ™‚

    thanks again! πŸ™‚

  10. kaingit trabaho mo! such coolness. πŸ˜€

  11. hi, cynthia.

    i’m doing some prelim research for a director interested in making a film about the e-heads. i would really like to chat with you about your collaboration with them.

    feel free to text or call me at 0921.476.6825 or e-mail me at

    in peace,


  12. Great job on the joint artwork – great closing to a decade of e-heads work! They are a constant reminder of the good ol’ UP days that is forever emblazoned in memory!

  13. Thanks Pauline! Oo nga our UP days won’t be the same without them. πŸ™‚

    Hi Cathy, sure I’ll email you soon. πŸ™‚

  14. i have been away from the country for about 2 yrs now and its really refreshing to know that my most fave band in the entire aloha milky way is being recognized in such a fantabulous way!
    i take my hat off to you Ms. Bauzon! the fruit cake album sleeve is the most creative piece of work ive seen!
    i used to read through the entire sleeve and read the credits and try and remember the names of the ppl involved in their albums, and i always used to wonder what these ppl were like…i guess we were all the same at some point, we were all their fans!

  15. wow ang ganda ng album. Im a fan of the heads and your work…i remember hoarding copies of the fruitcake book (100!) and giving them away as xmas presents for my students…keep it up

  16. its great they have tribute for the most important pinoy band ever

  17. evryone’s talking about d album, dming kumuntra ang daming nainis well join ako sa knila asar din kc ako tlga, gnusto ng mga tao ung kanta dhil eheads ang kmnta, gusto ko ang mga banda lalo n ang sponge, o&l & sugar but knowing n n’rvive nla ung mga kanta sori kung sa2bhin ko to pero ” ANG PANGIT”.. maganda sana kung ire2new ung album pero eheads prin ang ka2nta cgurado lahat ma22wa.. kaya d mo macc ang mga nagmu2ra kc “tangina” tlga.. kaya hiling ng mga adik ktulad ko sana magbalik ang dating eheads at patalsikin n c kris ang pangit nya, gawa xa ng sarili nyang banda ang banda ng ewan!

  18. To juan: I am a BIG fan of eraserheads and it’s sad that there will never a another ERASERHEADS album. They will never be back again…. lahat ng bagay lumilipas… bands come and go.. and eheads has gone for good and left us with good music. Let’s respect their decision to split up and explore their musical talents outside of Eraserheads. You sound like a fanatic of the band. Pero dude respeto na lang sa mga musikero. In fairness to Kris Dancel she’s got a great voice and she is doing a great job in cambio.

  19. to chill: medyo natamaan ako sa crmon mo p’re pero ayos lang.. dis is mi way lang cguro n ilbas ang asar ko kc tulad mo nalungkot ako sa nangyari sa grupo.. well tama k masya n c ely sa pupil & they will never be 2gether again. wag mo n ako ulit pa2galtan ha dming naka2basa hehehe.. peace tau bro!

  20. dis sounds stupid but i wana share dis anyway..
    knina hbang nsa kawalan ang utak ko n sobrang walang ngiingay s pligid ko kundi ung cd player kong ngawa ng ngawa, surprisingly i got all mi senses back n2 my body. it’s “PARA SA MASA” wo captured mi full attntion. dag2 kabaduyan p nto is nramdaman ko n lumuluha ako and i was kinda’ saying 2 mi self “wat d hek!?” wat wierd around here s dat d song is a blending of the voices of d various artist pero c eli ung nri2ng ko (i mean xa ung kmkanta s icp ko) at ngaun sobrang n’re2fresh ko s icp ko ung original n eheads. nagplay back ang memoriz nong bata p ako nong pinpkingan ko ung kanta s walkman ng kuya ko n sobrang fav. nya nong kinder p ata ako.
    so ang masa2bi ko lang “PARA SA LAHAT NG MI BALAK MAGBANDA” get d motivation from d group co’z they reli netted or hooked evry pinoy’s ears & heart in der time even now.
    tama n kadramahan,to ol opm band
    “keep on rocking d pinas”

  21. at last maybe the last album that eraserheads will be remembered!

  22. hindi natin malilimutan ang mga HIMIG ng e-HeadS

  23. hi ms. cynthia,
    i just graduated from college and wonderin if i can work for you as an assistant or something =D

    you can freely call me at 0919-465-7552 if its ok with you


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