All’s well that ends well

I apologize for being in a bad mood today but a certain “Totally Creative Graphic Design Studio” totally ripped off one of my original artworks and is selling it on notepads, journals and other stationery in their store “Invitation House“. Tsk.

My original design, a low-res image of which has been on Flickr and my Cafepress store since 2008 is on the left. The copycat’s “design” is on the right (watermarked with the statement “property of Invitation House”. Yeah, right!)

Totally Creative Graphic Design Studio copied my design

A friend who was browsing the Invitation House stall in Trinoma gave me the heads up. I’ve already written the proprietor, Jess Marquez — who may or may not know that the design is a rip-off – and I certainly hope something will be done about this soon.

UPDATE (May 31, 2010) ~ my friend, Rock Ed/ReThink Media Group head Gang Badoy Capati blogged about it on Tumblr this afternoon and the owners quickly got in touch with her so she set a meeting for tonight. We met with them just a few hours ago along with lawyer/writer Oli Reyes and I think it’s safe to say that we were able to reach an agreement with them. Apparently a freelancer artist/OJT student submitted the design to them and passed it off as her own (boo!).

The owners of TCGS and Invitation House, Mr. & Mrs. Jess Marquez seem like a pleasant couple and it turns out that they are willing to settle the mishap properly. I’ll give you details once we’ve finalized it but right now I am just thankful for the support of lovely friends who blogged/tweeted about it and gave tons of advice on how to handle the issue. It’s not about me getting compensated, it’s really about standing up for the creation and protection of 100% ORIGINAL work.

UPDATE: June 8, 2010

I received a tip as to the name of the so-called “artist” who ripped off my design in this entry’s comments page. Can anyone else confirm if the info provided is correct? By now I hope she’s learned that tracing over someone else’s hard work is SO not the way to success.

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  1. Thanks so much for your support, Nev. 🙁 It’s not the first time but it’s the most blatant one! I never thought I’d actually feel this bad…

  2. Marianne Angela Uy is the name of the artist

  3. Reyes, thanks for letting me know. I hope Marianne Angela Uy learns of this issue and that from now on she will only create original work.

  4. I hope she really does, no matter how hard it is to strive for this industry it’s really important to produce good quality and ORIGINAL work.

  5. is there any email address that i could talk to you?

  6. cynthia at bauzon dot ph. I tried e-mailing you before but it bounced. 🙂

  7. Gosh, Cynthia. so sorry to hear about this. That’s just downright sucky. the copycat is doing you and herself/himself a big disservice by ripping off your work. You’re not getting due credit, and he or she is not letting him/herself grow and improve in the craft.

    I’m crossing my fingers for you and hoping this all ends better than we expect. *hug*

  8. hi Cynthia,
    i am a fan. i need to leave a message to ask you something about doing websites. I’m an IT student in Eastwood. I’m in third year.. and I’m hoping you could help me with my thesis project. I don’t know where to start and how to do it. I was asking some students in our school but they really can’t help. I just need some information on what software to use. Please.. By the way the claycake is a very wonderful site. I’ll be waiting for your reply.

    hugs and kisses

  9. wow what a total loser! they messed with the wrong people. Hope they paid you some cash and threw out that OJT lols

  10. Cynthia hi!

    do you remember me?
    i interpreted Mongolian at ‘ICC n BICOF 2010.’

    i looked GOOGLE for your website. >

    i can’t forget you and Arnold 🙂
    great talking to you, thanks for your kindless

    did you go ‘coffee prince’? i wonder it!

    someday i will go PHL! (not with my mom, hhh)
    i hope to see you again sometime 😡

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