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Shrink Plastic Workshop at Hey Kessy + Callalily’s 10th Anniversary Album

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I’m teaching my first ever workshop and it will be on Shrink Plastic Crafting! If you’d like to learn how to turn your doodles into wearable art in the form of necklace pendants, bracelet charms, pins, and earrings, I will show you how to do it and share some techniques and tricks I’ve learned along the way. It will be on November 21, Saturday, from 1-4pm at Hey Kessy (31 E. Abada, Katipunan).

The workshop fee already includes shrink plastic sheets and all other materials, design templates, a take-home zine, snacks and refreshments. (Additional shrink plastic sheets can be purchased from me at a discounted rate if you’re a participant. 🙂 )

See you there? Please go to to reserve your slot!



Callalily’s 5th album “Greetings from Callalily” was released last Friday, October 23, and I’m very happy to have been part of it! It’s been a while since I’ve designed a full-blown album because almost everyone prefers buying MP3s, right? But then this is Callalily — I heard that their albums’ sales can hit Platinum — so I wanted to design something that a fan would love to have in his/her possession. I’m happy with the end result and I can’t wait to share it with you. Please see the portfolio to see what we came up with. 🙂

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“Greetings from Callalily” Illustrations & Album Design

Project: Callalily’s 10th Anniversary Album “Greetings From Callalily” Packaging Design
Tasks: Watercolor portraits, illustrations, art direction and graphic design
Date of publication: October 23, 2015
Client: Soupstar Entertainment

It was my first time to design a fully-illustrated album in 15 years (the last one was for Ely Buendia’s “Wanted Bedspacer” in 2000) so working on this was a treat. We had already agreed on a watercolor look — it was what made them get in touch with me in the first place — and when the guys told me that the title of the album was going to be “Greetings From Callalily,” I immediately thought of those retro “Greetings from Las Vegas” etc postcards. I suggested a rectangular envelope design containing actual postcards featuring portraits of the guys along with letters from them to their fans. We corresponded via many DMs on Instagram and I was so glad that they were all for it! (Side note: how convenient is it that everyone’s on social media now? Back in the day I had to go to midnight gigs to present my concepts. :D). Here’s a peek of the postcards with each band member’s personal note:

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For the back side of each card, I asked the guys to send me gut-wrenching lines from their respective songs so that I could make some typography art for them. All incorporating the calla lily flower. 😀

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Watercolor Artwork for Callalily’s 10th Anniversary Concert + Album Art in-the-making

callalily band 10th year watercolor illustration

Delighted to present my artwork for the band Callalily’s 10th Anniversary Concert (although some of you might have already seen this floating around on Instagram 🙂 ). This is also my first time working with them and I’m very touched that they chose to work with me on the occasion of their 10th year.

The guys are celebrating the milestone with a special show tomorrow July 28 at 12 Monkeys in Century City Mall in Makati, 8pm, where you’ll be able to avail of this limited edition t-shirt:

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I think only a hundred of these were printed so better go early. Admission is free.  🙂

AND! I suppose you’ve already guessed that I’m working on the art and packaging design of Callalily’s 2015 album. I can’t reveal specific details yet but you can follow the design process and development on my Instagram where I’ve been sharing sneak peeks via the hashtag #CynxCLcollab.

callalily band album art in the making

Bonus pic: my first meeting with the band members Kean, Aaron, Tatsi, Lemuel (partly hidden), + Soupstar Entertainment head honcho Darwin Hernandez and Callalily’s road manager JR.

photo with callalily

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“Eraserheads Inverted E Album” for Esquire Philippines

Project: Esquire Philippines’ Eraserheads 2-track Album
Tasks: Cover concept and graphic design
Date of publication: September 1, 2014
Client: Erwin Romulo, Editor in Chief of Esquire Philippines

I’m very sure that eeryone who grew up listening to the Eraserheads’ music in the ’90s missed the band sorely since their breakup in 2001. I was among those fans so when our good friend Erwin Romulo, EIC of Esquire Philippines called me up in April of 2014 to let me know that they were coming up with two new tracks as a group again exclusively for Esquire, I was ecstatic. What made it even sweeter was that I was going to design the album sleeve. I’ve had a lot of experience working with the band, as detailed in this ultraelectromagneticjourney post, but this time was different. They all had solo projects now and they had different ideas of what they liked. With that in mind, I holed up in our home office for two days and churned out dozens of album cover studies as quickly as I could. I posted some of those studies on Instagram (click to see the comments) and here they are again below.

esquire eheads cynthia bauzon arre

They all ended up liking the discreet inverted E formed by color blocks, with one color to represent each of them.

And I was right about fans missing their music. 30,000 copies of the magazine’s September issue sold out on the first weekend of release.

* You can read more about the #EsquireEheads mania in this Adobo Magazine feature.

( I also answereed a few questions about the project for Rappler in this feature: Behind the Scenes Notes on New Eraserheads Songs.

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“Waltz This Knee” – A Fictional Eraserheads Album

waltz this knee eraserheads cynthia bauzon arre

Project: “Waltz This Knee” – cover design for a fictitious Eraserheads album to accompany a short story by Aldus Santos in Uno Magazine
Tasks: illustration
Date of publication: April 2010
Client: Erwin Romulo, then-Editor of Uno Magazine

Much of my music packaging design career is defined by the work I did in the mid-to-late-’90s for Filipino rock band Eraserheads. (You can read about that ultraelectromagneticjourney here).

When Uno Magazine was planning a “Fiction” issue, Erwin and the editors conjured up the idea that maybe there was a never-released Eraserheads album so he tasked rock journalist Aldus Santos to write the piece, bits of which I typed down in this post in 2010. I was asked to provide the cover illustration and, basing it on the song titles which all sounded rustic and very local to me, I came up with a design that I thought reflected the mood of the album.

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