Pressing words

I finally upgraded to WordPress because it’s supposed to have the best online support on the planet. (Is dat true, WP users?) I was actually ok with the old one but I could not keep up with the comment spam anymore.

The bad thing is that I lost all my September 04 to February 05 archives while fiddling with the MySQL thingamjiggers, oh well.

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  1. hey cyn! i visited tippi’s website na. *WOW*!!!! i’ve never seen such a charming and funky site! great job! 🙂
    gusto ko tuloy magpagawa ng damit sa kanya hehe!

  2. Kitakits sa party!

  3. Jennydear, yes please do! She’s a fantasbulous designer, I cannot say that enough (: (: (:

    Carlo – yeah nga we’ll try our best to go! Arn’s family has a reunion that day because some relatives from abroad are here, but we’ll see if we can follow kahit di naka-pedicure ha? (:

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