Project: “Not By The Book: Fashioning Design” by Tippi Ocampo
Tasks: Book graphic design and layout in collaboration with my friends & fellow designers Lizza Gutierrez and Patricia Labrador
Year of publication: October 2010
Client: Fashion designer Tippi Ocampo

My former UP College of Fine Arts blockmate and very good friend Tippi Ocampo has a very individual and creative fashion sense, something I and our classmates witnessed even back in school. I’ve always admired her funky style which is also why I chose to ask her to design my constellation-themed wedding gown. 🙂

I was overjoyed to learn that she was going to have a solo exhibit and write a book that detailed her out of the box thought process and sensibilities. I was honored to have been asked to design it, but it was going to be a big project so I asked two of my most trusted designer friends, Lizza Gutierrez and Chinggay Labrador if they were open to collaborating on the project with me and fortunately, they were game. Over lots of coffee dates & Google chats, the three of us decided on the overall look and assigned each other spreads to work on. The result was a whimsical chocolate fabric-covered confection with a hook and eye closure (Tippi’s logo) and fun, quirky, thread and fabric laden layouts.

Photos from the book launch are on Tippi’s website.

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