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Jose Rizal in post-apocalyptic Manila?

I’m very proud to share with you my talented husband‘s latest animated creation – a music video for the Rock Ed collaboration song “Kaninong Anino” (lyrics by Gang Badoy-Capati, music by Francis de Veyra, performed by Aia de Leon, Noel Cabangon, Vin Dancel, Kris Dancel, Ebe Dancel, Lourd de Veyra, Gloc-9, Raimund Marasigan, and many other musicians).

The song is part of Rock Ed Philippines’ ROCK RIZAL album which celebrates our National Hero’s 150th birth anniversary. The video shows Rizal walking around a post apocalyptic Manila – a metaphor Arn used to symbolically represent the rampant corruption in our society. I have to admit that seeing the video for the first time moved me and made me put myself in Rizal’s shoes. What would he think, seeing the Philippines as it is now? Did he die for us in vain?

From Arnold:

I knew it would be a mistake to try and interpret the lyrics literally so I put a lot of symbolism in the video. We see the structures of Manila all destroyed — however the monuments are still standing. It’s my way of saying that with all the corruption, our country has deteriorated and because of consumerism, we seem to have forgotten our heroes and what they fought for. However their images are still intact and that’s one thing that should encourage us to go on.

You can read the rest of the “making of” notes on his blog.

Arn actually finished this in less than two weeks in between working on pages for a comic collaboration project with a friend (that I believe I can’t announce yet). I’m amazed at how quickly he’s learning the ropes in animation and no words can express how happy I am that he’s found a new medium for his stories. 🙂


Apologies for showing up only when I have something to promote (gosh I’ve become a hardcore internet marketer) but a lot has been going on behind the scenes. Renovations on our home, for one.  I also just realized that I wasn’t able to blog about our talk in Graphika Manila last year! It was an exhilarating experience for Arn and me and I have to publicly thank Aram Beheshti and company for being so patient with us. The truth is that he’s invited us to speak for years but it was only in 2010 that we (rather, I) had the guts to say yes. As I posted on Facebook last year, I’m deathly afraid of public speaking so I was glad to get it over with. Thankfully the feedback on our portion was surprisingly good so that’s a relief. 🙂

You can view the intro video we presented which features our combined design work below.

Graphika Manila 2010 Intro Video / Arnold &… by arnoldarre

I also purposely haven’t been taking on local projects and have avoided loitering around my usual social networking haunts for the last 12+ months because I want to enjoy my last year as a 30-something at my own pace. (There, I said it!) That’s not to say that I’ve stopped designing. In fact I was busy all year (secretly) blogging for my niches elsewhere and fixing and filling up all my online stores with merch, including these cute items for one of my latest ventures Funky Patterns.

Some of my designs are actually available on stationery locally via Paperio which has a store at Powerplant in Rockwell. Just look for my name and a small kitty logo at the back of the items. I don’t have the physical products with me so I can’t post them here yet but I hope you can seek them out the next time you drop by the store.

Bye for now. 🙂

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Andong Agimat Animated!

What happened since the last time I blogged here? Lots! LOL but I’m not here to talk about them right now since I only have time to share with you Arnold’s latest project, an animated film starring his very own Andong Agimat!

Arn’s never animated before (except for the flip books he made in grade school — I’ve seen them, all his text books have little aliens and rocket ships flying all over the place) so I have to tell you that my jaw literally dropped when he showed me the first sequence he made.  Pardon my ignorance but I never thought something like it could be done right here at home, and he did it all by himself too!  Every morning for the past two weeks he would wake up early so he could work on the project — that’s how excited he was. As for me, I was ecstatic to see him drawing again because these last two years he was so preoccupied with making films that I was already thinking of how to re-purpose his desk. 😉

Please check it out, it’s only 4 minutes long but it’s lots of fun to watch! Here it is, I’m proud to present to you

ANDONG AGIMAT: KANYA ANG KALYE, an animated film by Arnold Arre

By the way, I finally gave Arnold’s website a makeover.  Please come by so you can see all his latest work!


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You make me want to tell all I know

My husband Arnold is working on his second short film called “Kaye for Komiks“. It’s basically about a boy and a girl who bonds over a shared love for the comics medium. The film is still a work in progress but he made a 1-minute teaser video so you can all get a feel of what it’s about.

Kaye for Komiks
Starring Mihk Vergara and Cathy Ferolino

The trailer also shows bits of the performances of our awesome friends Ramon de Veyra, Erwin Romulo, Wincy Ong, Marie Jamora, Carlo Herman, and Nina Villa-Herman. (I will hold off on mentioning the others to maintain the element of surprise. :))

Written and directed by Arnold Arre

Special thanks to Sputnik Comics
Shop 60 Cubao X (formerly known as the Marikina Shoe Expo)
Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Q.C (near Pure Gold supermarket)

Store Hours:
Mondays – Thursdays, 4 – 10 PM
Fridays, Saturdays, 6 – 2 AM
Sundays, CLOSED

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Hello again, it’s me.

Wow, in four days it will be a year since I last updated this blog! Where did the time go? I don’t even know what to write about here anymore. *sheepish grin*

There are actually TWO things that prompted me to post an update.

1) A conversation I had with my friend Ramon a few nights ago. He said that he and Neva have been wondering why I haven’t posted anything new in a while. Often wondering about that myself, I arrived at the conclusion that, well, unless I do a major overhaul and talk solely about how I make money online1, no one will pay attention to this entry, or even this blog. In this age of Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, “About Me” blogs have become passe, I figured . They are so 2001 and so is this site. *mopes*

but then…

2) Surprise! A comment came this way (why thank you Rand Al Thor) and this fact offered me some assurance that this site is still getting visitors! Triple exclamation points!!!

… (silence)

… (cricket sounds)

Aaaanyhoo ..  for the benefit of the lovely readers who still drop by every now and then (yes, all three of you LOL), I will try my best to fill you in with what I have been up to since the last time I checked in.

Eraserheads The Final Set

Eraserheads The Final Set

* Eraserheads: The Final Set. You all know that this band holds a special place in my heart so naturally, we were there for their last. ever. reunion. concert. Arn has videos of some of the performances on his Youtube.

KL Design Week 2009

KL Design Week 2009

* KL Design Week 2009. Arn & I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with our good friends Carlo & Nina to stalk Stefan Sagmeister… I mean, to see, meet, and listen to some of the world’s top graphic designers talk about their thought processes and showcase their latest work. Aside from Stefan Sagmeister, other highlights for me were the presentations by Kuntzel&Deygas (the French duo behind Caperino & Peperone and the memorable Catch Me If You Can opening title sequence) and Lava Architects (the Australian firm that designed the glorious Water Cube that was launched at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, among others).

Nins and I did actually manage to corner Stefan Sagmeister and ask for a photo with him each — twice — so that’s now off the bucket list. 😉

* Volunteering for Rock Ed Philippines and designing / maintaining Rock Ed Radio‘s website. I first met the brilliant Gang Badoy in the early 90s but she flew off and lived in the US for a decade.  Armed with several masters degrees, she put up Rock Ed Philippines upon coming home in 2005. Rock Ed is a volunteer group dedicated to promote alternative education through holding classes on different areas of knowledge such as music, the arts, sports, science, and cultural studies. It has been (and still is) always a pleasure knowing that our contributions, however small, are helping make this country a better place.

* Saying goodbye to Wedding Essentials Magazine as Design Director. It was a difficult decision to make2 since Editor-in-Chief and good friend Marbee and I make up the “we” in Wedding Essentials. We saw the magazine from its inception, to its birth in 2004, and through its growth into the big player that it is now (seeing how successful it is now kinda makes me feel like a proud mom). I thought it was time for me to move on since I knew the magazine would be in very able hands with Marb and Kitten at its helm anyway, although I am still with them in spirit. The issue above is the last one I worked on.

…but wait, Marbee and I have a wedding blog, We Heart Weddings. Because we really love weddings (and we really do like working with each other!)

* My Arn made a short film, his first ever. Arn has always wanted to make films, ever since he was a kid, so now that he can, he did. This is the trailer for the suspense/thriller short he made called Chapter:-0ne. We held screenings for it during the second half of last year at Fully Booked (twice) and Nomnomnom. He hopes to make another one soon, so watch out for updates on here.

* Uno Magazine named me one of their “Women on Top”. Me? Really? Aaaawwshucks *blush*. Being in a 12-page spread along with smart, innovative, trail-blazing women makes me feel that I probably am doing something right in my life.


That’s it for now. Next time, I will give you a sneak peak of the super secret project I’m working on. (Clue: it starts with an E , ends with heads and it will come in a box) 😉

  1. just see how many hits this site will get with that keyphrase plugged in![ back]
  2. many tears were shed, yes[ back]
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A lot goes on but nothing happens.

Okay, that’s not entirely true1a lot has happened since my last update. I’ve quite forgotten how to write blog posts so allow me to do it in bullets.

* My husband Arnold Arre is Powerbooks’ Author of the Month for February!

Arnold Arre Book Signing at Powerbooks

Arnold Arre Book Signing at Powerbooks

Arn has a book signing at Powerbooks Trinoma this Saturday, February 28 from 3-6 pm. Come one, come all! You may RSVP here.

Check out the awesome trailer he made for the event. 🙂 We hope to see you there!

* Together Forever: A Valentine’s Day Exhibit at Pablo Gallery/CubaoX
Arn & I are honored to have been invited to participate in Pablo Gallery‘s Valentine’s Day exhibit. Other artist couples who participated are Bru & Marcushiro (Electrolychee), Nico & Katwo (27+20), Ryan & Garovs (Everywhere We Shoot), Ivan & Pauline (Acidhouse), Mitch Mauricio & Paolo Ferrer, and Jowee Alviar & Momon Punzalan (Team Manila). It’s still ongoing so please do drop by if you find yourself in the vicinity.

Chances Are by Arnold & Cynthia Arre

Chances Are by Arnold & Cynthia Arre

The task was to create an artwork to reflect symbiosis and each couple had to produce two works (each individual working distinctively on one piece) that when combined creates a holistic, definitive expression of their partnership.

View the photos (here) or watch the video my husband made (above).

* Not By The Book by Tippi Ocampo
My dear friend, fashion designer Tippi Ocampo had her first ever one-woman fashion exhibit (a first of it’s kind too!) in November of last year and she also came up with a whimsical little book to go with it. The book’s design was a collaboration between Tippi, Lizza Gutierrez, Chinggay Labrador and myself. (Photos below are by Sheila dela Cuesta)

Not By The Book by Tippi Ocampo

Not By The Book by Tippi Ocampo

The book is filled with Tippi’s sketches, pics of her award-winning work, and some bits and pieces about her work ethic & design philosophies. You will also find some fashion tips and DIY projects you can try your hand at. It’s bound in brown shantung silk and the title & logo are embroidered on a fuschia ribbon label because we wanted to keep the overall look within the fashion theme.

You can have Not by the Book delivered fresh to your doorstep by shooting them an email.

Check out the photos of her exhibit pieces & setup here and opening reception here.

and finally,
* Fruitcake 2.0
The new edition of the Eraserheads’ Fruitcake, a book I illustrated in 1996, is now available at your favorite bookstores. Because of the high demand for E-heads merchandise after last year’s reunion concert, Anvil decided to re-release the book in December of 2009 and the new edition boasts of a new foreword written by Ely Buendia as well as a tweaked cover (by yours truly). Please grab a copy when you can! Only P295.


Fruitcake by the Eraserheads circa 2008

  1. the subject heading, I mean. It’s a song lyric like always[ back]
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Art girl… I-i love you

Sleeping Like A Marble Girl

Sleeping Like A Marble Girl

(Thanks to DidipusRex for the beautiful photo!)

We had the exhibit opening for Frailty – the all-female exhibit I posted about before – last weekend. Some pics below,

Frailty Exhibit Opening

Frailty Exhibit Opening

… and there are *tons* more via these links: one two three four five six seven

If you were there, in behalf of the 33 chickas young and old, thanks so much for dropping by and supporting the event!

If you’re wondering if Arn and I attended the most-talked about concert this year decade, why of course we did! And we had a blast!

Eraserheads Reunion

The added bonus is that an impromptu reunion of sorts with almost all our friends who share the same love for the Eraserheads and their music happened right there in the open field. Lots of photos here.

And for those who missed it, there’s reason to smile because there is talk of a part two. As one of the band members said when I asked him about the possibility of a repeat show, “well we do have a show to finish”.

I would love to write more about how sentimental the concert made both Arn and me feel but I need to go back to work. In the meantime, this entry should speak of my fandom.

You can watch two songs captured live via SonyBMG’s Eraserheads channel.

As I probably won’t be able to update again in a while, I wanted to leave you with this song. Later, operator!

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